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A four year old child who has begun to smear (male) poop on

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A four year old child who has begun to smear (male) poop on his bedroom walls, his own.
How many times has he done this? What did you do about it? Any conflict in the house? Any problems with your child?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This boy was @ funeral in March 2011, his other grandfather who committed suicide.Also has problems in school and church sitting room. Loud and hits other children. I am the other grandparent. Does not listen about 94% of the time, is also spitting @ people. Both parents work and are sending him to his room for 3-5 minutes, time-outs session 3 minutes and will also spank on his bottom. Both grandmothers take turn watching him and his six year old sister, when needed.
he definitely has more problems than smearing feces on the wall. I highly recommend getting him evaluated by a psychologist. He may be acting out as a result of his environment. The spanking need to stop because that is where his violence comes from. It also might be something biological going on with him such as ADD. The only way to find this out and to get appropriate recommendations is to have him evaluated.
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