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psychlady, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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I am overwhelm and emotinal after 13 years marriage

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I am overwhelm and emotinal after 13 years marriage break up and i am very deep hurt and still love my husband . he treated me hard time thru 10 years after 1st child birth andhe still doesnt realised . i want take him back because still love him . he cheated me in 6th times behind my back . how will i rebuild forgive him . am very confused . i wont cope myself and hard work with my 3 daughters age 11.10 and 7 on my own at home . sometime i am crying with knee down for take breath out . and heart beat fast .

If you are asking about how to go on after a long term marriage then you first have to want to move on. If you really want him back then you can't move on. It is obvious that he has not treated you well. That's impossible if someone cheats 6 times. You have to ask today why you would want someone back who does that. If it is familiarity then you really need to process this in therapy and reconsider your choices. You need to evaluate why you want this relationship. You don't deserve to be cheated on. Find therapist to help you with the end of a relationship, the difficulties in being alone and the sadness. Let them help you move on. You are not making good choices. Learn to raise your children without this relationship. Work out your confusion. Learn to have confidence in yourself again. Only then can you be strong in other areas.


Find a psychologist or therapist today. Learn to be the strong woman that you could be. Remind yourself of what he did and you will miss him less


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i want take him back bec i feel blamed myself for push him away . in past we are very messing as we not good take sit and talk for plan routine . sometime he gave me hard time and control he easy forget what are family for ! he grump with family not football and mates. i feel he not happy in family and hurt me so much . i love quailty family . we are different view. the most we are clash . we are not good communicate at home . now i looked back i realised a lot communicate key is important . i am angry at the moment
If you are angry then fix that by asking yourself why. Work on that emotioon. If you take him back then you may grow to be angry again. You are right. Communication is everything but sometimes relationships just don't work. Before you take him back consider if you are taking too much of the blame