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I have been depressrd for three years now. I found my father

Resolved Question:

I have been depressrd for three years now. I found my father dead in his house and two months later my dear brother inlaw passed away suddenly. I have a really hard time functioning. I go to work and come home and do nothing. My husdand blames me for everthing. I do not clean that often but neither does he. He spends his days off hunting and fishing and if I try to do anything on my day off he say that I need to clean and we cannot afford it. This man has a fishing boat with with three motors and two depth finders. We both work full time. He says that he is going to leave me as soon as he can. I know that I need to clean more but I am so depressesd. Iam taking anti deppressant but they do not seem to help. And he makes fun of me about being depressed. I just do not how much more that I can take . Some days I wish that I would just die to get away from him but we have adult chilren in college and I know that they need me and it would upset them Help me
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.

You need to find help for your depression first. You can't be good for other people if you are not good for yourself. I get the relationship (your marriage) is not a positive influence on your depression. In any relationship, the other person should not feel that when he gets money he will leave me. That's a horrible cross to bear. In addition you have an unsupportive and insensitive mate and no time to yourself. This would depress anyone. You have to find a sympathetic person who cares about you. Call your children every day if you have to. They would be glad to support you. Withdraw yourself as much as possible from this partner. Clean when you need to - not because you are or are not depressed. Find a professional immediately. You are not taking care of yourself and that will make your mood worse. I think you are not reaching out which is not healthy.

Seek any care you can! Any is better than none. Reconsider this relationship. Stay close to your children

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