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My fiacee' recently moved out. She is bipolar and is smoking

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My fiacee' recently moved out. She is bipolar and is smoking pot and drinking with her lithium. Her behavior is irrational and all her anger is directed at me.She refuses to talk to me. Her mother who she is living with has her head in the sand. In the five years I've known her I've never seen her like this. Her sister says she has been worse before and I should just let her crash and burn. If I let her crash and burn what are the chances she will be willing to work on the relationship after getting cleaned up and getting her meds working right? She is taking seroquel,lithium,wellbutrin,and vicodin for chronic pain. She is also addicted to the vicodin. Should I push for drug treatment or bipolar treatment?

If you want your fiancee treated you must first deal with the crisis. If she is a danger to herself or others she can be escorted to the hospital and evaluated for both issues. The police will take her to the hospital. She will then be evaluated. If she is high that is the time to get her there. She has to be in crisis.

Any treatment outside of the hospital can come in two forms. If you find an addictions program they can address the illicit drugs and the other addictions. They would need to have a psychiatrist that treats those with mental health issues. If you choose a psychiatrist to treat the mental health he or his staff have to have experience with addictions. Treating one or the other won't work. The problem as you said is that she doesn't want to go. Let her know what happens if she doesn't. Try to reason with her first. In the end, you have to decide as a couple how to proceed. and on your part what you will tolerate.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My big problem right now is the last contact I had with her was a week ago Thursday. She called me,went on a twenty minute screaming tirade and hung up. I haven't heard from her since.I have no way of knowing her current condition. How do I break thru to her mom how potentially serious this is. Remember her mom is the one with her head in the sand.
Keep talking to mom. She could be the person she will listen to. You can only try and reason with her. There is no other way. I know but you have no choice. Try to find a way to be there when she is high and maybe they will listen when you call the police
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