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Don't know if this is in your area of expertise.... but what

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Don't know if this is in your area of expertise.... but what do you think are the effects that human trafficking has on society, in particularon a more personal, familial, professional, and social level? How does altruistic behavior apply to this issue?

Thank for the request.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Human trafficking is a cultural, psychological and moral issue that goes far beyond the terrible impact of the harm to the person being victimized.

Left to its own, without protest by others in society, human trafficking clearly shows the lack of freedom, rights and justice that a healthy and growing society normally demonstrates. Instead, it shows a society that is in decay...for once the rights of others are neglected to this level, there is little care and altruism that is left in the culture that tolerates it.

On a familial level, human trafficking destroys the fabric of the family by taking away the security, safety and love and belonging that allow us, as people, to bond in society. Further, it hardens those involved in it and through a process of repression, allows more and more heinous acts to be committed (demonstrating at a social psychology level "foot in the door" phenomenon).

On a personal level, knowledge of human trafficking without action on the part of the individual person traumatizes and impacts the normal development of bonding and care that a society must foster. It essentially creates a numbness that often results in an bystander effect where the person who witnesses it or knows of it assumes someone else will take action, thus limiting personal responsibility.

On a professional level, it influences ethics as these professional standards of behavior would have to be minimized to allow the existence of human trafficking. It becomes simply business for profit's sake and completely removes the psychological benefits of contributing in a positive way through society by one's occupation (Erik Erikson's concept of Industry versus Inferiority).

Altruism, the desire to aspire to the highest level of love and care, is completely ignored if human trafficking is allowed to proliferate. The two terms human trafficking and altruism are not compatible. Each cannot survive in the other's presence.

I hope this helps,


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