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I have a wonderful son who has become a very successful

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I have a wonderful son who has become a very successful pharmacist, started his onw business which is off and running, 3 beautiful children. A wife that is beautiful and I thought was a person who loved to keep the closeness with family. Aside for the fe things we did for them because we thought they needed our help, they have decided to turn against us over a very minor incident that happened during the Christmas holidays. His words are that he will never bring his children around their lying grandparents. I am deeply hurt by these untrue statements that he and his wife have chosen to say about us. getting to the point, it is Easter weekend and I have 6 grandchildren with another due in March. I want to be able to send them something for Easter but I do not know that they will give it to them or%2

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.

It sounds like you have done all you could to help the situation. An apology should have been enough. Now, it is up to your son and his wife to respond. And since they have not responded in a positive way, there are a few things you can try.

One, you can give it time. Let the apology stand as your response and see if time will help your son and his wife to see things differently.

Two, you can apologize again. This time, send a note or card. Tell them you made a mistake and that you wish to fix the situation in a mutually agreed upon manner.

Three, you can send the Easter gifts and hope they pass them on. The point here is that you send them, not if the kids get them. It is the parents who are causing the issue and it is them who need to see you are making the effort.

Keep in mind, you have done what you should have done. Your son and his wife are making this a power play by refusing to allow you to see the kids and by not accepting your apology. There is little you can do to change their minds if they decide to make an issue of this. Hopefully, over time, they will see their perspective on this is helping no one and they will change their minds.

I hope this has helped you,


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