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Is it true that if I am diagnosed polar effective disorder

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is it true that if I am diagnosed bi polar effective disorder w/ psychotic period should I be on some kind of mood stabalizer I have heard great things about lamictal I was told by another person with the same diagnosis that I am on too many anti depressants and no mood stabalizers thus causing manic moments

Hello and thank you for your question.

Yes, most people who are diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder are on both an anti-depressant (to help with the low moods) combined with a mood stabilizer (to help regulate the high or manic phases). It's uncommon to see someone with bipolar disorder only on an antidepressant, though that can occur, if the person is typically depressed, with very minimal high phases. If you are experiencing manic phases, I would definitely recommend that you see your regular doctor or a psychiatrist and inquire about starting a mood stabilizer. The doctor can determine if lamictal or some other mood stabilizer would be appropriate for you, based on what you tell him or her. But typically most people find success in managing their moods with both an antidepressant and a mood stabilizer.

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