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How can I know if my husband has sociopathic symptoms

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How can I know if my husband has sociopathic symptoms?

Hello and thank you for your question.


Can you describe to me why you feel he may have sociopathic symptoms? What are some of the behaviors and/or traits he exhibits that are concerning you? With a little more information about him, I can help you better. Thank you...

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He is a pathological liar. If you ask him where he has been as he come in the house he will say nowhere. If I say he is wrong about something, he said he will blame me for asking the wrong question. If I want to do something to the house that I know he would like he will tell me some one else is better and knows more even when I have done the same thing many times before and he liked it that way. If I don't feel well he leaves. He has said in the past that I am making believe I am sick just to get attention and he figures if he leaves I will get better. This has happened many times. He has done this when I have been in the hospital and had surgery. He does not trust me. I am a home body and rarely go far from home and he wants minute details of who I spoke to on the phone or saw. He when he leaves the house I ask him he is going and how long he will be gone his answer is just a few minutes. He will come back hours later and tell me he has been gone much less time and lie about the entire time he was gone. He is on his phone talking to people and tells me no one called. He is unfaithful. When I present him with facts of this he denies everything and makes excuses and lies. He askes me questions and I give him a truthful answers he argues with it. If he does not want to answer a question he changes the subject and goes on the offensive. It is always a matter of me having to give proof and him never believing it and him then telling lies. He is must control everything, no one is ever right, he is never wrong, women are only good to f--- if they are beautiful and young, etc. He is 72 and acts like a spoiled five year old.

Thank you for elaborating. The traits you describe her are similar to sociopathic behavior, although sociopaths can often get in trouble with the law and/or do aggressive or violent behaviors as well. He sounds like he could have a personality disorder, such as narcissistic personality, where the world basically revolves around him, he is always right, cannot take accountability, will lie and cheat, etc. Whatever makes him feel good and also has little to no empathy. see link:

The traits often overlap as well. The main thing is to ask yourself how much longer you want to deal with this kind of person in your life, which such blatant disregard for your wellbeing, regardless of his supposed "diagnosis."

His behavior is completely unacceptable and very damaging to your self esteem and well-being as you know. Also, people who are either sociopathic or narcissistic do not want to get treatment or counseling as they believe there is nothing wrong with them. They feel it's everyone else who has the problem. So, his behavior changing or improving is very slim. However, I do recommend that you seek out counseling for yourself to explore your feelings about all of this, and to explore your options as well.

You can call your doctor for a referral, or you can look here and search by zip code for a therapist in your area. Please click ACCEPT for my help today, and also feel free to continue the discussion, even after clicking accept. Thank you.

here is the link:


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Also here is a link about sociopathic personality (also called antisocial).


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