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I was diagnosed with ADD 30 years ago. I was in therapy at

Customer Question

I was diagnosed with ADD 30 years ago. I was in therapy at the time and my therapist returned to Germany. She referred me to another psychiatrist, with whom I was in treatment for 5 years - she relocated to Florida. Finally, I found a therapist and was with him for 10 years. When I was to see him in December, he told, rather abruptly, that he was retiring and he made a referral. When I called the referral, his number was disconnected and nowhere to be found in NYC yellow pages. A friend asked me to call his shrink, because I do take Adderall. He was very nice, but said he's no longer taking new patients. Tried to call deceased psychiatrists family for records - no calls returned. Tried to track down woman who moved Florida - was told she may have moved to HAWAII and that was five years ago. I am frantic - unemployed, with limited health insurance, so most psychologists don't accept my coverage. Internist says he will write Adderall, but NEEDS a diagnosis on 'official' letterhead. Can't afford $60 for CHADD. Please, help me, someone.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Doctor Kevin replied 6 years ago.
Dr.Kappler :

I would try another GP myself. If you were on adderal before they should do it. You may also ask about Stratera the ADD medication that does not take a triple script. Another alternative is Wellbutrin which is an antidepressant that will help.


Is that the best you can do? It's not easy to find a GP who will prescribe Adderal. I've tried both Stratera and Wellbutrin and had adverse reactions to each of them. Adderall really does the trick for me.

Dr.Kappler :

OK so you are having a problem with your doctor that I find increasingly irritating. We were all taught in school that when we get a new patient we are required to do everything in our power to obtain the prior medical records. If the previous professional had died or moved they were taught that to avoid malpractice suits for negligence they need to have a clear way to have their records accessible for requests just like yours that are your GP's responsibility to obtain. I have such a system in place should my wife need to do that after I die. I moved my practice four years ago and have made the necessary precautions so that old patients can find me. So technically if your GP is putting the onus of proof on you he is being negligent sand needs to know that. If he is unable to monitor your response to a drug you have taken successfully for a long time and is too lazy to check it out then he needs to consult with a specialist to hone his skills. If he refuses to do so I would suggest a threat to report him to his licensing board may help. Otherwise you can go to a more competent physician. You will not get a doctor to write a letter to him recommending this medication over the internet (although you can find many offers over the internet for different medications.) Given the fact that most GP's make less than $40,000 a year it is not hard to find one who is willing to really listen to your concerns with out wasting your time "barking up the wrong tree."