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How does social psychology differ from other related

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How does social psychology differ from other related disciplines?

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Social psychology is focused on circumstances and situations involving the attitudes, perceptions and behavior of people as influenced by the society in which they live and function.

It is often best in this type of question to show what it is not, rather than what it is:

  • It is not clinical/abnormal psychology, which focuses on the identification and treatment of maladaptive behaviors.
  • It is also not personality psychology which explores our individual traits and characteristics.
  • It is not industrial psychology which looks at the impact of human behavior within organizations and our performance in a work environment.
  • It is not human growth and development, a study that looks at how we alter and grow and mature over time.
  • It is not educational psychology which attempts to see how we learn, grow and develop in learning environments, and how our intelligence and gifts affect that process.
  • It is not a study of the helping relationship, such as what is seen in counseling theory. The development of therapeutic techniques to assist people to develop autonomy and personal growth is not social psychology's interest.
  • It is not sociology. While there are some similarities between the two, sociology tends to look at broad based behaviors. Sociologists are interested in the institutions and culture that influence social psychology. They are not interested in the process of developing social attitudes, differentiation of group thought or actions, all of which are social psychology's focus.
  • It is not philosophy which explores the basis of thought about significant broad matters such as existence, knowledge, values, and reason.

    Rather, social psychology looks at our perception of ourselves in relation to the rest of the world. It explores our social reasoning, group actions, attitudes, assumptions and biases. It sees how we are influenced by society and how we influence it.

Hope this was of help to you! Kate