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Arundhati, Counselor & Psychotherapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed psychotherapist, Published Wellness Author
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Hello, Im wondering if you can fathom somethign out for me.

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Hello, I'm wondering if you can fathom something out for me. I am dyslexic and dyspraxic and as a child was described as "hyper active" though never received any diagnosis for hyperactivity at the time (diagnosis of dyslexia and dyspraxia while mooted at points during my childhood was only actually diagnosed at the age of 19).   I also have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. I take no medication and have limited active support for any of these conditions (I'm 26 and have a full time job as a senior journalist for the online department of a television company).   I think you could accuratly describe my base level (my normal behaviour - outside of a bipolar mania period or a bipolar depressive period) as hypomanic. It has occured to me that since my behavious has always been described as such (from the age of 2) and "hyperactivity" has been refered to - that in combination with other learning disabilities and mental health problems that I could have ADHD - which powers my base level - hypomanic appearance.   While quite happy in my day to day life (relatively speaking) I do believe this hyperactivity does iompair my social interaction to a degree - while it's normal to be bolshy as a journalist and keen - I am perhaps on occasions too keen and too forward - and this seems to be symptomatic of ADHD as it does not coincide with mania but seems to be closer to a description of ADHD. Is it possible I have ADHD and this is exacerbating other problems?<br/><br/>Basically I cannot sit still, talk very quickly and am prone to answering more questions than others. I'm not always great at getting social cues as to when it is or is not appropriate to speak/ interject. I'm fortunate in that I have a good track record with my job and tend to saelf check myself and only say somethign when I know about the subject or have an opinion on the treatment of the subject. Unfortunatly this is stilol quite a lot of interjections.

Thank you for writing in to Just Answer.

First of all I think you are very accomplished for your age and from what you write it seems to me that you're great at your job!

Yes, it is certainly possible that you have ADHD in addition to Bipolar. I'm sure you'll understand that it's difficult to diagnose over the internet nor is it ethical. But I would like to recommend that you consult with a psychiatrist to schedule a full mental health evaluation. This evaluation will provide a thorough insight into what you might be dealing with.

Overall, whether you are diagnosed with ADHD or not, I would encourage you to consider psychotherapy, especially since you already have a diagnosis of Bipolar and you are in, what sounds like a hectic job. Therapy will help you to build self-awareness as well as become familiar with tools and techniques that you will be able to use to best deal with your hypomanic phases should they get in the way of your productivity or success at work.

I hope this was helpful.

Please do let me know if you have additional questions/thoughts/reactions to what I wrote above.

Warm regards,

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you - and thank you for the compliment! What sort of psychotherapy should I be looking for? I should be able to schedule a psychiatric appointment relatively quickly butI'm aware because of one diagnosis it makes it (often) very difficult to diagnose other co-existing problems - should I specifically highlight my childhood medical records/ educational psychology reports that I'm not sure are readily accesible (and they're pretty dense) to my psychaiatrist?

Personally I'm hoping there's some form of suitable behavioural therapy or psychotherapy that will help me better moderate my own behavious and recognise what is "normal" and what is symptomatic of disability or illness and pull the two apart to better get on with my career.

Hello Jayne,

Thank you for your reply.

Typically you should not have to take your records to the psychiatrist. You will be given a questionnaire that that will check for a wide range of issues, so answering that will be good enough. You can verbally share with the psychiatrist any other information that is not covered by the assessment, if you feel it will be helpful.

I think the best form of behavior therapy for you to moderate your behaviors will be cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). You can find out therapists you can see through this directory. Once you enter your zip code, on the left of the search result page that shows up you'll see a drop down bar where you can sort via specialization. You can choose CBT there. You can also narrow down by experts who specialize in ADHD or Bipolar.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

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