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Sarah, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 143
Experience:  Chart'd Psych, 12 yrs exp. English prisons, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EMDR Therapist, BPS, HPC reg'd.
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My 21 year old son spent his first 14 months of life in a

Resolved Question:

My 21 year old son spent his first 14 months of life in a Romanian orphanage. He has been showing the classical signs of Attachment Disorder for some years, without me actually realising what it was - inability to form relationships, manipulative behaviour, lack of empathy, lying and stealing. Can you suggest a treatment programme please?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Sarah replied 6 years ago.
Sarah : Hi there, are you ready to chat?
Sarah : are you there?
Sarah : I can see that you joined this site today, please know that you only pay for my answer if and when you are happy with it.

Hi Sarah, I'm ready to chat

Sarah : hi, Thanks for responding, Does your son acknowledge that he has some issues or a you concerned for him without him really being aware of what is going on?

No he does acknowledge that he has a block. He's recently told me that he has felt 'brain dead' for the past few years and he feels like he needs a rebirth - his words

Sarah : Wow! It's great that he is aware of something not being right because you can then help him. It's the first step that many people don't take.

So what do you recommend?

Sarah : Oops, my answer hasn't shown, i don't know if you can see it.

no I can't

Sarah : OK, I was just saying that acknowledging the problem is great because he is perhaps open to many things that can help him.

I wouldn't exactly call him varies by the day. But he seems unable to follow any decisions through

Sarah : OK, so he would probaboy need lots of encouragement? As he was so young at the time of him being in an orphanage, it could be worth him seeing a hypnotherapist, who could regress him back in time - bringing such memories into the conscious mind can bring about much healing.

He has an appt to see his GP again on Saturday, and he is proposing to refer him to the Practice councellor. I think this is more likely to disengage him

Sarah : Which part of England do you live in? I can recommend a fabulous hypnotherapist in Yorkshire who would be able to help him.

West Midlands

Sarah : The thing about counselling is that (although it is great for some people) it can mean many many hours trawling through a tuff and finding no answers.

And, he has tried hypnotherapy in the past without too much success


What about the Psychiatric profession?

Sarah : OK, i was going to say that Something like hypnotherapy means that your son doesn't have to consciously dig around for answers, They come from within.
Sarah : Did he get on with the hyonotherapist, sometimes if there is no rapport, it is difficult for the client to relax

He did to begin with, but then the hypno gave up on him

Sarah : OK, and maybe that encouraged your son to believe (consciously or not) that he is beyond help, no hope, etc.


Sarah : It would be a therapy I would recommend to try again with a different therapist, simply because his memories are so deeply embedded in childhood.
Sarah : Have you heard of EMDR?


Sarah : it's called Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing
Sarah : Which is a trauma therapy based on tapping

Oh, EFT?

Sarah : To allow repressed emotions to be released.

Like EFT?

Sarah : It's not EFT, but I believe the systems are similar

Are there many practitioners?

Sarah : You can search on the EMDR website,
Sarah : i am in the West Midlands and I practice it. It differs from EFT in that the tapping is not around the body

Strangely, I've just had an email caome through from the World Tapping Summit!!

Sarah : There is another therapy called Thought Field Thereapy that is very fast and effective, which taps on the same points as EFT, but in a more particular order.
Sarah : I've received that too, it's marvellous really, I do believe it is the way the world is and should be going.
Sarah : Apologies for typing errors.

I will have a look and give you a call Sarah. Just one last question. Psychiatric help?

Sarah : It is possible that you could ask your GP for a psychiatric referral and assessment, but it is possible that theree is no organic illness,

Thank you very much

Sarah : Have a look at Kevin Laye's site, he charges £270 a session, but only sees people twice at the very most.
Sarah : Or have a look for me, I'm not allowed to give you my site. Please be assured that theree are many people who won't give up on your son, he is only young and deserves to feel better.
Sarah : Anything else before I go?
Sarah : i hope that was helpful for you.
Sarah : And wish you the best.
Sarah : If you would like to ask me anything further, please put 'for Sarah' on your question and the others will leave it for me.
Sarah : hi,

'for Sarah'. Sarah, I have met Kevin Laye when I did my Paul McKenna NLP course. Not too impressed I'm afraid


But I will look you up.What's your surname?

Sarah : Neither was i when I first met him, to be totally honest with you. Thought he was too much of a showman instead of a genuine therapist. However, he treated my
Sarah : Leg, neck and hip in about three minutes after a fall - TFT is amazing!!!!! I have done more training with him and I think I am now seeing the real Kevin.

But what is your surname?

Sarah : My surname is ***** ***** website is myhealthymind.


Sarah : As above
Sarah : I think wew are out of synch!!
Sarah : take care now, don't give up!!
Sarah : the therapist in Yorkshire is Steve Burgess, Paast Life Regression therapist - an amazing man, even if you don't really believe in it. Just thought I'd say,,seeing as I mentioned it earlier.

I've found you. Will be in touch. Thanks Sarah

Sarah : No problems, thank you.
Sarah : Hi , the computer is telling me that you have asked for me again?
Sarah : Are you still there Mike?

I am Sarah, but I was just responding to the email I've just received which brought me back here. No worries. Mike

Sarah : The system has asked me to respond, so I am doing so - I might have to change the format and close the questionso it will stop calling me.
Sarah and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Sarah replied 6 years ago.
Typing just so the question will stop calling for me.

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