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I have been off my meds, depression meds, for over a

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lt;p>I have been off my meds, depression meds, for over a year. I am functioning at a high level. I maintain a healthy household for myself and 12 year old daughter. My daughter was diagnosised with asthma following a hospitalization of 4 days via ER in 2008. She had another asthma attack on 2-21-11 and in hospital for 6 days. On the same day of her having to go into hospital we had a doctor office visit about her asthma and within 3 hours after that appointment I had to take her to ER where they admitted her to hospital for 6 days. I was given a referral to a Peds Pulmonologist which we were at on 2-17-11. The doctor drew blood to check for allergies and test showed very high level of allergens to dust/dust mites in her system. He filed a report with Child Protection Services about inadequate housing and my mental stability. When his nurse asked about my medical background I did say I have been diagonsis with Depression. I stopped taking my meds over a year ago. This CPS worker wanted to see my meds. I refused stating there was no reason she needed to see my meds. I did tell her my old doctor's name that did treatment; however, I was scared and did not tell her I no longer saw him or had stopped taking my meds. All I can think of is my right to privacy concerning my mental health history. She examined my house, looked to make sure I had food, etc. Everything was in order. She kept insisting for me to show her meds to prove "I am in compliance with my treatment plan". </p><p>After she left my house, I found out later, she visited my neighor and questioned him about our family home life.  He was "shocked" that CPS was investigating me. Told CPS we were "church-going people and never a problem from that house"  She then went to my daughter's school and conducted an interview with my daughter for 15 minutes. I didn't find this out until my daughter told me when I picked her up from school that afternoon.  My daughter is scared she might be taken away because 2 years ago she saw this same CPS worker talking with one of her friends and that girl never came back to school again.  I reassured her that "they were just making sure that I was taking good care of you and giving you a good place to grow up in."Can I be made to get back into taking meds, against my religious beliefs? I am not having any problems, function well in the areas of ADLs, social, emotional, etc. areas of my life. I am not socially isolated, involved in daughter's school activities, church, friends, and family. My pastor thinks she is on a hunting expedition. I don't want my daughter taken away because CPS is not "shown my meds bottle". I do not have any currently dated meds to show this CPS worker.  Should I get an attorney? I do get Social Security Disability and have been certified for these benefits again in 2009.</p>

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.

I think it might be a good idea that you contact your attorney for advice on how to handle the legal aspects of your situation.

From what you are describing, it sounds like you are stable. However, you may want to consider getting a check up by your doctor (the one that diagnosed you) just to be sure you are doing ok. Depression is a disorder that can easily change symptoms and if you would become depressed again, you want to be prepared.

Seeing your doctor would help to confirm that you are doing ok and also it would give you and your doctor a chance to update your progress, review anything you might need to be doing to help yourself stay healthy, and also just touch base in case you would need to go back again. Think of depression like any other illness, you see your doctor on a regular basis to maintain good health.

I hope this has helped you,


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your reply. I have contacted my former doctor's office and they said he is not taking any new patients; however, since I was with him for over 4 years, they will ask him on Monday if he will take me on as his patient. Also, I have called our area Capital Area Legal Aid Society for assistance in acquiring legal representation for this matter. I have to call CALAS Monday 3-7-2011 at 9am to register for services. I do not have the financial means to retain a private attorney so this is the route I am currently pursuing.

You're welcome! It sounds like you are taking some very good steps to resolving this issue.

My best to you and your daughter,