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I believe my partner's 30 year old daughter is a sociopath.

Customer Question

I believe my partner's 30 year old daughter is a sociopath. She exhibits all the characteristic subtle signs (my late sister was one so I've seen this behaviour before) - manipulative behaviour, desire to be dad's 'no 1' (her own words), subtle attempts to oust me (acts out the 'girlfriend' with him), sexually inappropriate behaviour with dad, etc, - and he is fine when he doesn't see her for a while (and is increasingly open about his concerns about her) but becomes cold and distant (and defensive) if he does encounter her. He has a good relationship with his otherkids, as do I. I should add that I had a good, appropriate, relationship with my own father, as does my own daughter with her father (my ex) which I am pleased about - so it's not jealosuly on my part.
Is there anything I can do. I am afraid that her behaviour and hold over her dad will ruin what is otherwise a very strong and good relationship.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 6 years ago.


It sounds like she never got out of the Electra Complex stage. There is also the question about "why her father allows her to act this way"

You believe that she manipulates him, and he has to be willing to be manipulated. Even after you've spoken to him, neither she nor he changed this old pattern.

She could be projecting ill feelings towards you that she holds towards her own mother. You're with her father now and the identified target. She may be acting this way to intimidate you purposefully to leave her father. That way she can continue to behave the same way (because he allows it) He's in a way contributing to her behavior by enabling her to act this way.

As far as what you can do that you have not already done- really not much except keep your boundaries clearly defined, confront her father with specific examples of their behavior, or accept that if this person has a true personality disorder( these disorders are not curable per se, but can be managed if the one having the disorder is willing to change)

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