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Patient under 72 hour involuntary psychiatric hold in

Resolved Question:

patient under 72 hour involuntary psychiatric hold in Georgia facility, what are her rights, can the resident psychiatrist extend the hold
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 6 years ago.


If she is currently on a 1013 admission, the physician may extend this over the 72 marker depending on her symptoms.

As far as rights, she would have been given patient rights form. If you're asking whether or not she can sign herself out, not while she is involuntarily committed.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

your answer gives basic facts to general question, to be more specific

Patient is long time live in partner, on Saturday Feb 27 she was admittedly depressed as a result of burden of being primary care giver to elderly mother (89 years) and bi-polar son for over 30 years. Now that she is rational she explained that she took 4 Zanex in order to sleep and forget everything for a while. I did not know this and found her in deep sleep so called 911, with hindsight perhaps over reaction on my part. Police and ambulance came and look her to emergancy care where attending doctor put her under 1013, 72 hour observation.

You should know patient has degree in nursing and some 20 years experience as expert RN, therefore she is well aware that 4 Zanex will not kill you. She has been in psychiatric assessment unit (Peachford) since Saturdat PM, staff claim that weekends do not count as part of 72 hours, only work days. She has signed form to release herself but facility claim she can only be released if psychiatrist signs her out and he could extend her forced hold a further 6 weeks if he believes necessary.

My questions,

1. Is the information concerning weekends correct

2. Can the 72 hours be shortened if patient is obviouslt not danger to herself/others

3. Staring tomorrow ( Feb 1) what legal action can I initiate to force her release.

Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 6 years ago.

Hence the elaboration prompt at the end-

1/ the information is correct

2/ the 1013 cannot be shortened. If she is not posing a threat to self/another, usually a patient is offered a 1012 (consent for treatment)

A 1014 can allow the physician to keep her there longer if he finds it medically necessary.

3/ that is a question for a lawyer. You may contact her insurance carrier for assistance if you believe that medical necessity criteria is not being met and she's still receiving treatment.

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