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My girlfriend has recently switched from paxil cr to paxil

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My girlfriend has recently switched from paxil cr to paxil generic. is the the generic still a controlled release and are side effects more active with generic paxil. her mood seems a lot different. she was trying to go off of the generic using a 3 month taper, but she stopped because of side effects. I read that going off the name brand paxil cr is easier because of the controlled release. any advice would be great. it is hard to talk to her about it.

why did your girlfriend switch from paxil cr to paxil generic?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
$10 for 3 months or $200/ for 3 months, money

okay that would be a good reason...

So, the generic paxil is not controlled release, however the side effects should not necessarily be any different. Maybe she could try taking the medication at a different time during the day, such as just before bedtime. Going off of the time released could be easier as the dosage is released more evenly throughout the day, however most withdrawal from an ssri should decrease significantly within two weeks, regardless.

It could be that she has not been on just the regular paxil long enough, after the switch, as the side effects typically subside within 10 days of a switch. If she then tried to taper after switching, that could also cause the change in mood.

She could stay on the generic for another week or two to see if things even out. If not, then she needs to go back to her doctor and inquire about a different medication that will help her and also be cost effective. Please click ACCEPT button so I'm credited for my help today. Thank you!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
at this point she has been on regular for over 10 years. would she be better to split her dossage in two and take in morning and evening. and why do you suggest night time. at this time she takes it in the morning. It seems that her irritability is a lot higher with the generic.

Sometimes if people feel lots of side effects, taking it at night can help with say for example, drowsiness for example. 10 years is quite a long time to have been on the same medication, (though certainly not unheard of), and it could be that her body has become too accustomed to the medication, whereby my suggestion of perhaps a different ssri (prozac, zoloft, lexapro) altogether could be beneficial for her.

She could certainly try taking half-dose twice per day, but I don't think that would make much of a difference. I would really encourage her to ask her doctor about what they think about switching to a different ssri. It's very supportive of you by the way, to inquire about this for her!

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