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I fell and broke my leg, and my mother offered to pay my

Resolved Question:

I fell and broke my leg, and my mother offered to pay my expenses while I was getting well. I told her she was under no obligation to do so, but since there were a lot of legal
problems, I said thank you. I would pay her back. She gave me her word that she paid.
I now find that she did not. As a result of her behavior, I will loose my condo which is where I live. I have a myriad of people suing me, and when I asked her about it she could not produce the canceled checks. I will of course have to retain a lawyer but I cannot for anything understand why she did this?
On my own I might have been able to work out something with the bank due to my injury. But now it is in foreclosure. That is really horrible. But I really want to understand what happened to my mother? She was not able to produce the cancelled checks. I am horrified and I really need to understand what happened. As soon as I called her and explained to her what happened, and that I would have to go to an attorney she refused to explain her actions as to why she did that. Her actions have caused me great harm. Please explain her motivation.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Kristin replied 6 years ago.

When you say that there were alot of legal problems, what were those problems exactly? Why is there a myriad of people suing you?

Also, has your mother done anything like this before, where she said one thing but did another or had behavior that she would not explain?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Due to a divorce, there were a lot family misunderstandings and it became quite a legal problem involving
who was to pay for what. The condo is in foreclosure and attached to that foreclosure is multiple other lawsuits that I have never seen before. I do not know if this my husband or his business or something else.
I have never seen anything like this before. I will have to have an attorney look at this.
We have never been in this position before, so when she reassured me that everything was okay, I took her
at her word. She has had behavior that she does not explain. I don't think I have ever been involved though.
Expert:  Kristin replied 6 years ago.

Okay, thank you for the additional information.

I can certainly understand how you would be upset by this and also not comprehend her actions. I dont understand them either, and since she won't explain at all, this does leave you in the dark. It could be that somehow she found out about all of the legal issues, and figured you were in such a financial quandry, that having the condo go into foreclosure would be beneficial?? I'm only guessing here, as to why she would do such a thing. It could also be that she is having trouble with short term memory or forgetting conversations, etc.

All you can do is ask her (again) or maybe a sibling has more info. if she has talked with them. Obviously, you have a right to be hurt and angry with her (if it was intentional) as she should not have promised something as serious as this, and then not follow through. The behavior is odd, and it's also strange that she won't talk to you about it.

After some time has passed meet with her for lunch or something and ask her again what was going on. Please click the green ACCEPT button for this answer, so I'm credited for my help. Thank you. Warm regards,


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