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I am a 24 yr employee that is on the verge of retirement.

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I am a 24 yr employee that is on the verge of retirement. However I am to young to retire (44) which brings me to my dilemma of changing careers. I have always been told I should be a counselor but I am not attached to or affliaiated with a church so how do I proceed?


What kind of counseling are you interested in doing? Do you only want to counsel people through a church? Is your bachelor's degree in a counseling related field?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No i dont have to counsel through a church but would like to do some family counseling as well as assisting individuals with life issues such as stress, depression, career, relationships. I have a BS/M with no formal counseling background but all of my friends refer to me as the Counselor along with my employees.
okay great. I see that you have experience in helping people, do you also have a bachelor's or master's degree in counseling or psychology? And if not, are you willing to go back to school?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

No I do not have a Bachelor's in the counseling or psychology and Yes! I am willing to return to school.

Thank you. Okay, because most counseling positions require a master's degree and some will require a bachelor's degree. There are many options beyond affiliation with a church. And you can research various counseling programs to determine if you want to do family counseling, individual counseling, child counseling, etc. Then from there you can decide on private practice, or working for an agency, church, etc.

Another option if you want to help others is to be a life coach. You don't need to return to school for this and can get certified as a life coach, and then start coaching people that way. Do a google search on coaching certification programs or life coaching to find out more. To answer, your original question, on how to proceed.

1. determine if you want to be a counselor or life coach.

2. if counselor, then you will need to go back to school for more education/degrees.

3. if coach, check out certification programs.

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