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Kristin, Mental Health Professional
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My husband is an alcoholic who has had treatment for the

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My husband is an alcoholic who has had treatment for the past 3 yrs with varying success. Now he is trying everything as he says he wants to stop but insists on "testing" the treatment. Wants to beat the system. ie Goes for acupuncture and is given herbal medication on being told one herbal medication will help to cut down because it will make him feel bad. ---- he tries it to see if it does finds its ok so drinks and takes the medication. He has done the same with Campral. I am at my wits end would it be sensible to look for a psychologist or psychiatrist to help him. He will not go back into the Priory hospital where he had the longest period of abstinence.

Hello and thank you for your question.

I can certainly understand how frustrating this is for you, and also exhausting.

Yes, it would definitely be a good idea for him to see a psychologist for this addiction. I would probably start there, rather than a psychiatrist. It would be very common for the therapist to require that he NOT be drinking while in treatment etc.

Here is a list of therapists who also specialize in addictions, and you can do a search by zip code and insurance accepted etc.

Also, it could very helpful for your husband to attend AA meetings in the area for that ongoing human support. And for you, AL-Anon could really give you the support you need as this obviously a problem that affects you greatly as well. You don't want to have him become YOUR problem to fix and in doing so, you don't take care of yourself or your own needs, etc. A good book for you to read on how to be sure you are also taking care of yourself is called Codependent No More by Melodie Beattie and you can get that on

So, yes at this point I would contact a psychologist and have him start therapy and get into local support group (such as AA) in addition. Please click ACCEPT button for this answer. I wish you the best... Thank you.

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