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who can I call to talk to about how to approach my almost 19

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<p>who can I call to talk to about how to approach my almost 19 yr. old son that if he does not get therapy for his major addiction to pot he will have to move out this summer. I'n not sure what kind of help or therapy locally he can get for just marjiuna. He is currently away at college and he smokes pot 3 - 4 times a day, and has been for over 3 years but it has gotten worse lately. We are at our last straw. We have talked to him about this over and over, we're done!</p><p>He has stolen from us and his sister in the past to support his habit.  We want him to finish college but are completely supporting him and do not want him on a constant high.  We feel as parents we have the right to stop supporting him if he does things we do not approve of.</p><p> If we get too hard on him, he acts suicidel on us, which worries me.  He has ADHD and some anxiety issues already.  My husband's side of the family has many alcoholics and anxiety issues so I know that is where he is getting his addictive behavior from.</p><p>What type of treatment is proper for someone when they are just addicted to pot, and no other hard drugs.  We have tested him for others and he is clean.</p>

Hello and thank you for your question.


I can understand how concerned you are about your son, and also how frustrated.

It does sound like he definitely needs professional help to overcome his addiction to marijuana, and yes smoking it 3-4 times per day, is a major addiction.

Talking to him is not working as you know all too well, and not only does he need therapy with an addictions specialist, but most importantly he needs to want to stop and have the will to do such.

I do think that giving him a consequence to his behavior (moving out) is a very good idea. You don't want to enable this behavior. He needs to see a therapist who also specializes in addictions. Here is a very inclusive list of therapists who are addiction specialists, all verified. You can search by zip code (for his college area) and also by your area.


Finally, you can get support by joining a group such as Al-Anon that is for family members of those suffering from addictions and/or finding support and resources online. Here is a really good resource for family members (like yourself) dealing with marijuana addicted kids.

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