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My boyfriend is 25 he leaves me and breaks up everytime i do

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My boyfriend is 25 he leaves me and breaks up everytime i do somethgin that pisses him off greatly, he doesnt talk abotu it he just runs and ignores me, sometimes for weeks until he basically can :get over it: and it blows over, he has to wait til it blows over bc in the heat of him being m,ad he rallys his friends or anybody he can against me..its very childish. then once he gets over it he calms down and realizes our relationship is more important than some silly argument, wht does he doo that? why go to that extreme?


He may act out like this because of different factors. 1/ he resorts to a defense mechanism - avoidance, because it is the easy way out (for him) He does not take responsibility for his actions and does not sit down with you to talk about these issues.

2/ He may have not learned self control (this could be a habit) or 3/ he may have traits of intermittent explosive disorder. 4/ he knows that you'd forgive this destructive behavior of his and does not find a reason to work on improving

It is possible to change his behavior if he is willing to do so. Anger management, couple's therapy, even using self help tools can be something he can explore if he wants to improve and to have a healthier and good relationship with you.

Try to objectively think if you're enabling him to continue to act this way by being forgiving to him. He needs to be accountable for his actions regardless of their cause.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
u are right these things you said are something i have been thinkign of recently like i am forgiving his behavior which i am, so thank you for pointing that out, if we are able to work through this yes i am lookgin into anger management for him and couples therapy, but if he isnt willign to get help we cant be healthy and successful together so i will have to move on,. thanks so much.