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Dr. Ed Wilfong
Dr. Ed Wilfong, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1528
Experience:  Twenty-five years treating all ages; Specialities: psychopharmacology & diagnosis, MMPI-2, testing.
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My son was hospitalized in NYC a year ago and was initially

Resolved Question:

My son was hospitalized in NYC a year ago and was initially diagnosed with Psychotic Disorder Not Othewise Specified, then BiPolar One Mania, then schizoaffective disorder. After many attempts to get him on medication he has finally been on 15 mgs of Saphris and 50mgs of Benedryl for about 4 months. Whether he has schizoaffective disorder or BiPolar One or some combination thereof, I would think a mood stabilizer would help him. His doctor has not prescribed one. Is that because there are many objectionable side effects to a mood stabilizer and since my son was so difficult to get on any meds - his doctor doesn't want to "rock the boat" with a mood stabilizer and risk my son going off all meds?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Ed Wilfong replied 6 years ago.
Dr. Ed Wilfong :

Saphris is an appropriate medication for his condition. The Benedryl is for sleep only. Given the compliance problems with these disorders, the doctor may be starting conservatively to see how he responds; get him used to medication; gain trust for future meds.

Dr. Ed Wilfong :

If you made a response, I cannot see it. PLS repeat.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Actually the Benedryl was for a tongue curling systemic reaction to the Saphris. Unfortunately, my son has regressed in the last two weeks and is now responding to internal stimuli 80% of the time. Very difficult to get him to engage with reality. Decided to seek a third opinion with a neuro psychiatrist at the suggestion of his current psychopharmacologist Doctor. So disappointing to still be going backwards. I have been told that diagnosing mental illness can be very challenging and even when you think you have a handle on it, it can change or the meds stop working and now we are living through all of this.

Expert:  Dr. Ed Wilfong replied 6 years ago.
I wish you good luck. You are correct. Diagnosis of mental illness is tough in these circumstances and even if diagnosed, treatment is difficult. It didn't occur to me that the benadryl was for Saphrisis allergy or side effect. I am glad you are getting another opinion. You do have a tough road ahead. Columbia has great Psychiatry Program, it that helps.
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