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I am suffering fron debilitating depression and anxiety that

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I am suffering fron debilitating depression and anxiety that has caused me to lose my job, ignore my friends and family due to lack of interest in anything. I am "paralyzed" to do anything! I can barely take a shower and leaving the house is out of the question. I cry constantly, can't sleep due to racing thoughts about everything, and have lost 40 lbs sine May 2010. I used to be a fun and active person and now I stay at home all day by myself and cry. I have no support system except my new husband who doesn't know what to do. I need help and don't know who to call in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area that I can get help from. I want a psychiatrist so I can get on some meds that work before I lose it altogether. I also need a doctor that will accept my insurance, BC/BS.

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.

It sounds as if you may be suffering from anxiety and a major episode of depression. I agree, medication is a good idea in your case until you can be treated by a therapist who can help you work through your feelings and help you feel good again.

Although your GP can help you with the medication, you need someone to do a full evaluation to see what diagnosis you have then prescribe the appropriate treatment. Here is two links to to help you find a doctor in your area:

You should also contact your insurance company and find out which psychiatrists they cover. They should have a listing for you of approved doctors. Sometimes you can find the listing on line as well so check there.

If you find yourself feeling any worse or you feel you cannot wait to see a doctor, report to the ER for an evaluation. They can see you to determine if you may need a short hospital stay to stabilize you. If you are admitted, they will do a full evaluation and assign a psychiatrist to your case. They will also set up follow up treatment and provide medications for you.

I hope this has helped you,


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