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Selah R, M.S. LPC
Selah R, M.S. LPC, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 582
Experience:  Licensed Professional Counselor; over 13+ yrs exp working with adults, teens, & families/couples.
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Hi Selah, If I chose to crossdress on halloween as Cleopatra,rich

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Hi Selah,

If I chose to crossdress on halloween as Cleopatra,rich woman or anything else should I have someone with me or just go by myself?What is your recommendation?The other thing is kind of related to the first one.I have been thinking about going to Comic-Con(comic book convention held in San Diego) every year at some point in time and many attendees dress up in all kinds of costumes.If I did go I was thinking about going as Wonder Woman,Princess Leia or possibly Elvira.Any advice to me when it attending such shows as one of those characters?Would greatly appreciate it.Thanks

Selah R, M.S. LPC :

Thank you for trusting JustAnswer with your important question.

Selah R, M.S. LPC :

I have a friend who attends Comic-Con, and frequently crossdresses. He has an absolute blast! I think any of those characters you mentioned would fit right in, and I've seen each done in a crossdressed fashion. So go for it. It's a safe place to crossdress, and you'll meet people from all kinds of backgrounds and lifestyles there.

Selah R, M.S. LPC :

Cleopatra has so much potential for getting friends to join you as other key players in her life. Everything from influential politicians (Caesar), her hottie (Mark Antony), to the stereotypically scantily clad boys who give her grapes and fan her with big leaves in movies. I have been part of these multiple-people/themed costume events before, and they are a lot of fun.

Selah R, M.S. LPC :

Both Comic-Con and Halloween give you a great chance to crossdress in accepting atmospheres.

Selah R, M.S. LPC :

That can be a real boost to your self-esteem, and quite a liberating experience!

Selah R, M.S. LPC :

You might want to look at I see there are groups of crossdressers, including those who plan on going to Comic-Con, that you might find more ideas and support.

JACUSTOMER-5orp0hdz- :

Selah,Thanks for the advice.I will have to try the Comic-Con Convention out and maybe dress up as Wonder Woman.Thanks

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