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I was hurt almost 2 yrs ago in a fall in below zero weather

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I was hurt almost 2 yrs ago in a fall in below zero weather hitting my head and being knocked unconscious. Dr's pass me around suggested I have MS (now that's ruled out). The pain in my head, neck and lower back are excuriating. Physical therapy helps but I've been cut off because I can't pay. Pain center has referred twice for injections and physical t;herapy but also denied because payment can't me guaranteed by defendent's insurance. I'm on so much narcodic medication, The confusing part is, since I saw Bret Farve hit his head on frozen turf and being knocked out, I have flashbacks of that and my fall. I hit my head, arm and left hip on ground like that and I can't stop the flashbacks. So with the pain I live w/ daily and these flashbacks I have a hard time functioning daily. I asked my physician if I had a somataform disorder and he said absolutely not. Then that is it. No one will diagnois me. All I'm asking is for is direction. Is this mental illness or physical trauma? Pls. help

Hi, I'd like to help you with your problem.

From what you described, it definitely sounds like you have physical issues. As a therapist, if I saw you in my office, I would make an immediately referral to a doctor for an evaluation and treatment.

That said, it sounds as if you might also be dealing with some psychological problems as a result of the trauma you went through. You described flashbacks, which can sometimes be attributed to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I am not saying you have PTSD, but you may want to be screened for this diagnosis by a therapist. PTSD is characterized by flashbacks of the incident, feelings of distress about the incident, a physical response such as being startled or having sweaty palms when reminded of the incident. Avoidance of any reminders of what happened is also common.

Some of your physical symptoms may also be part of a psychological response to the accident. Seeing a therapist will help you clarify which symptoms can be treated through therapy and which are ones you need to take to your doctor or other treatment team members.

I hope this helped,

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