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I wanted to get someones opinion on something, because

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I wanted to get someones opinion on something, because lately I've been struggling with something. Last year, I went through 9 months of progressing abdominal pain, back pain and leg pain. I had a laparoscopy done which revealed I had endometriosis, which was removed at that time. I still had this gut feeling that there was something else. Something wasn't right, and I knew in my gut that my doctor was missing something. Three months after that, I ended up having a hysterectomy, because the pain came back, and I was told that I still had the endometriosis, but that it was microscopic, and since they couldn't see it, I would have to have the hysterectomy done. I had this odd feeling that there was more, so I opted to go ahead with the surgery. Two weeks after the surgery, I received my pathology report, revealing that my cervix was basically nothing but precancerous cells, and they had to send off for further tests to rule out cancer, in fear that it may have penetrated the borders. It came back fine, and it didn't turn into cancer.
With that said, I think I more or less trust my instincts more than ever. My problem now is, I feel like something is not sitting well, and that something is not right again, but this time I don't have any symptoms like before. I'm just really tired all the time, however, I do have a lot of stress, and I am a mother of three young children, so who wouldn't be tired? But, I feel in my gut, again, that something's not right. Is it normal to feel this way? Or am I just being a hypocondriac? Is it possible to "know" when something is wrong? I don't exactly want to go to my doctor and say "Something is wrong, but I don't know what"... Can somebody help me with this feeling?

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.

You have been through an enormous amount of stress in the past year. A major illness can take a toll both physically and emotionally. It is not surprising that you are having feelings such as you described.

Because your initial feeling that something was wrong ended up correct, and something serious and life threatening happened, it would be very natural that you would have that feeling again. The confirmation of your feelings the first time make a second time a more likely possibility to you. That is a natural feeling.

There is nothing wrong with going to your doctor and saying you feel something is wrong. People have had those experiences, like you did before, and have been right. Your doctor could at least confirm that you are ok. And it could put your mind at ease. After what you have been through the idea that you are a hypochondriac, especially since it was your feelings that helped you be diagnosed in the first place, is very unlikely to nonexistent. You should trust your instinct and be thorough to the point that you feel nothing is wrong anymore.

If you are cleared medically, you may want to consider talking to a counselor even briefly just to have a chance to talk your feelings out and be certain you are not experiencing a stress reaction to what you went through. A therapist can do an evaluation and offer therapy that can help you better understand yourself.

I hope this has helped you,


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