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Dr. Shirley Schaye
Dr. Shirley Schaye, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  PhD-Psych; Certif. Psychoanalyst NPAP& NYFS; Memb.APsaA;IPA; Pub.Author; Teach/Supervise Therapy
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I really need help in managing my anger better for myself my

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I really need help in managing my anger better for myself my marriage and my kids sakes. I need someone to help me to understand why I do it and how I stop it so I dont lose everyone I love from loving me back . Please help me to resolve my anger issues .
Thank you for contacting Just Answer. I am sorry to hear about your situation. I see that you have tried many things. You have not from what I could see tried an easy solution --- make an appointment with a psychiatrist. To start off you can be put on some meds that will help control your anger and then you will stop the destructive behaviour.
first,you need to consult with a psychiatristto explore this? It is not in any way possible to determine why you go into rages without my doing a very thorough deep history. That is why I will suggest if you haven't consulted with someone that you do.

I first want to make it very clear that I am not an MD. I am a Ph.D. but I want to tell you about some patients of mine on medication. I have had two adult patients who were so very impulsive and had severe anger management problems. One of the men had his doctor put him on Wellbutrin. It helped him enormously. Another time I received a referral to see a couple who were referred to me by their internist because the woman couldn't take it anymore and was ready to break up with her boyfriend. The boyfriend had real impulse control and anger management issues. I remembered what happened with the first patient and so suggested to them to tell his doctor about putting him on wellbutrin. The MD did put him on that. To this day ( this happened years ago), I still get Christmas cards thanking me for saving their relationship. I didn't. The wellbutrin did. So, again, I am not a physician, cannot prescribe meds but if I were you I would bring this up with your doctor. See what he/she says.

The other thing besides meds is it might be a good idea to seek out a therapist to get at the root of your anger issues. It won't just go away. Nor can anyone tell you what it's about without doing a consultation.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The doctor that I went to for my anger problem put me on meds . Venlafaxine hcl 37.5 for anger and LORazepam 0.5 for my panic attacks that would come after the anger. I had to stop taking the venlafaxine after 4 days because it would cause me to have horrendous stomach pain. I am at a strange crossroads not knowing where to go or what to do .
What doctor did you see. Was it your internist? If so, you need to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Anger has to do with the mind. Whereas, an internist knows something about your situation they are not an expert. Would you go to a psychiatrist if you were diabetic --- of course, not. So, maybe you did go to a psychiatrist and if you did --- that's good! Second, you need to go back to the doctor, not if it was an internist --- you want a specialist --- and see about switching meds because of your bad side effects. Also, don't be shy to ask about wellbutrin --- ask about it. It can't hurt.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your your feed back . I really appreciate it ! I will ask about wellbutrin too !
Do try it! You don't need to suffer. Get EXPERT advice. An internist is not an expert for this issue. Also, I don't know you, but so often people think, oh if I go to a psychiatrist then I am crazy. NO!!!!!. A psychiatrist has the best training for your issue so get the best help. Again, if you were diabetic, I'd say, go to your internist.
I wish you well! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

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