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Hi, doctor ( psychologist )! During last month I suffer

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Hi, doctor ( psychologist   )!
During last month I suffer from depression.
My mood is not stabilize.My mood rise, down,rice down.For example, now Im happy, next few minutes I can to cry so hard.It take hours.Or I cry after I can to be happy.During sad hours I do everything like robot.I take care of my kids, I clean my apartment, I cook dinner, I go to store, becouse I have to do it.I try to be focused on self, on my kids, on happy things.Sometimes it hemp me to feel better some times it doesnot work for me.Last weeks I lost my appetite almost nothing eat, Ioss my weight.This month was so stressful and painful for me.My papa had 5 heart attack, he was between death and life.Just doctors from intensive care helped him,saved his life.Just I got this news frim my mama I started to worry so much about my papa.I feel strong emotional pain, my soul hurts.Durin this pain I want to broke everything, but I keep situation under control.But Im afraid one day my pain, my emotions will come out from my soul .When I dont think about my family situation ,my pain is middle, but just I start ti think about my papa, my emotional pain become stronger.
Also I notice when I talk with someone, or someone talk with me I feel much better.
Doctor, what home natural treatment can you to recommend to me for my depression? Deoresdion,stress affect my menstrual cycle. I have sleep problem.
Last week my mood was so low.I loss inerest for everything.But Christmas helped me got out from this state.I thought about my kids,how to make them halpy, what gifts they need from Santa.I spend Christmas dat with my family,with my friends.It helped me too much.But now Im again sad
    Doctor how can I help to self,how to get out from depression without antidepressants?
I forgot ,november was also so painful and stressful for me.I realized what means to be wife of alcoholic.I realized my family situation,what is goin on.How my husband broke my and kids life how me and my kids got affected by family disease alcoholism.Its so painful to be wife of alcoholic its so painful to see how he drink, how kids see his father so drunk.Its hurts so much! Just I realized life with alcoholic ,I got bad news from my mama.One stress follow second stress.Im under double stress,Im in depression. Doctor, can you to help to me? Please, help me to found way from my my stress, depression, I could get out from it.I cannot self.I feel I need doctors help.And now I feel strong emotional pain,my soul hurts.My ways of treatment my depression help me just for short period.Doctor, how to be happy when you have hard time, so painful and so stressful situation in your life?
Doctor, how go through it with minimum pain? I want to be happy, Im so tired frim pain, tears!
Doctor, thank you so much for your answer and help!
Happy new year, have great holiday!
Hi, Let me say I can imagine how worried, anxious and sad you must have been about this situation. It sounds like you have signs of Depression. Your depressive feelings may be overwhelming to you at times. Indeed, you may have been under enormous stress - your father's
heart attacks and your husband's alcohol abuse or dependence.

Depression is a state of disease that affects body and mind. Depression can disrupt the nerve impulses that carry a constant stream of orders from the brain to the muscles. When the depressed brain slows down, so do the signals to all parts of body. Depression affects memory, problem-solving ability, language, perception and is accompanied by nervous tension, anxiety, and profound fatigue. It can generate pain and aches. If untreated over time, Depression may cause Psychosis. Malnutrition/brain damage can dull mood further. Excessive alcohol use may aggravate depression. Some medication can cause or contribute to depression. Your doctor should know all the medication that you are taking.

You also may try some or all of the following to improve and manage your mood at home - 1. Exercise moderately, but regularly, 2. Eat healthy but delicious meals, 3. Regularize your sleep cycle, 4. Don't drink to excess or abuse drugs, 5. Spend some time every day in play, 6. Develop recreational outlets that encourage creativity, 7. Distance yourself from destructive situations or people, 8. Practice mindfulness meditation, or walk, or an intimate talk, every day, 9. Allow yourself to feel pride in your accomplishments, 10, Listen to compliments and expression of affection, 11. Build and use a support system, 12. Pay more attention to small pleasures and sensations, 13. Yoga, meditation, Acupuncture, Guided imagery, massage therapy, and Creative Art therapy may be helpful.
I also advise you to see a counselor to express and process your feelings and thoughts WEEKLY. A combination of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy are considered to be effective to treat Depression. You may ask your doctor for a psychologist/psychotherapist that you can work with weekly. Or, you can search a licensed psychologist on internet- such as the PSYCHOLOGY TODAY website. Go to ( and enter your zip code and optional category of specialty such as Depression. Read psychotherapists’ profile to see if he or she specializes in Cognitive-behavior therapy and Depression. You may also want to create your mental image of psychotherapist that you want to work with – Male or female? To note, many therapists offer initial consultation for free. So you can see it as an informational meeting. You can ask any question and negotiate psychotherapy fee. If you seek a low fee counseling, you may call The United Way toll free # XXXXX to find the community mental health centers in your area in which you can get counseling even withhout health insurance. I hope you get well. Please let me know if I have overlooked any or you have more questions. Warm regards,
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Doctor, thank you!
I take " SHPILKES" anxiolytic Dietary Supplement , 2 tablets 2 time day.
Its help a little bit also.My emotional pain become weak.
I have another problem.Im so affectionate.I have my doctor. She is so nice person.During my first visit to her I felt its my doctor.I felt so comfortable with her.During first month I emailed to her my questuons, she answered by emailing also.I sent to her my questions almost every day.It was so nice! But after my second visit to her , during second month she stoped to answer to me.May be she so tired from me and keep distance? It bring me pain also.Becouse I have become very attached to her.She is not first person, I attach. And now I try to emailig to her,to call to her.But not often.She still keeps distance.But If I call to her she answer me.Maybe she started to talk with her patients by phon, or she stopped to answer by email just to me? My affectionate is my problem.when relationship with person, I was attached, was broken it bring me pain ,tears.You know emotional pain is more stronger, than physical pain.Now I also try to keep distance from her, first days were so paunful.Now I feel a little bit better.But Im feeling I still need professional help.How can I through it with minimum pain? And my affectionate ,this situation with doctor made my depression worse a little bit.Doctor, I cannot to change self.I was born, like Im.
Its still so hurt if I think she stopped answered just me, but she keep to answer to her other patients by emailing.I realize, I understand person tired from me, she has family, she has other patients, she has her problems.But I nothing cannot do.I cannot to change self.I try donot send questions.When my papa went through his operation, I asked her about help and support ,she prayid for my papa, she answered me next day.I felt better.
When I realized my family situation, I told her everything. She founded me person from Al.Anon, I could to give rest to her and I could to talk with this girl.
She knows about my depression, about how I feel If I talk with someone, or someone talk with me. She also recommend to me psyhologist. She says she isnot training for it.And I wll have benefit from specialist, who was training.After talk with my doctor I feel much better.I know talk therapy helps me much more, then pills, tablets.Maybe she is right.
I have to learn to live without my doctor, like I lived before my first visit to her.
Doctor, I dont know what to do.What can you recommend me?
Hi, Thanks for your response. I will work on my answer. Please wait. I will be back with an answer shortly.

Edited by Dr. Olsen on 1/1/2011 at 3:35 AM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you doctor, for keep talking with me and your help!

Now Im feeling not free more to ask my doctor about my health problems.If I want to call to her or to send my questions to her I feel discomfort and pain.Still so paiful and it hurts.Sometimes I still cry from this relationships pain.But Im still feeling its my doctor! All my life I dreamed about such doctor! Her ways of treatment her patients its my way to be healthy and happy.I still like her and her treatment.Doctor, you know, it push me grow up a little bit I want to be like her!Yestarday I looked for home training Reiki on internet.After this holidays I will call to this place and will ask about everything.I want also to help another people.
Im still so happy GOD sent this person into my life!
Doctor, I hope I will can go through this situation with minimum pain. its now everything is so paiful,soul still hurts.After, this relationship will bring just positive emotions. Doctor, what do you think about it?

I want to be happy any time.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Happy new year! All the best!!!
Doctor, how is everything?
I dont know, maybe Im not right. Maybe I hadnot right to tell you about my relationship with my doctor?
If I felt alone, I understand why I very attached to my doctor.But Im not alone.I have my kids,I have many friends.I attach to my friend from Al.Anon. We have talk. I send her my email almost every day also.And if she doesnot answer me next day Im fine with this.Its not problem.

Same situation I had with my boyfriend.I just meet him,few days after I started to call to him at work,almost every day.We had nice time.But one day our relationship was broken. It was so painful, so hurts.It took time.I went through it.

I was attached to my grandma.One year ago she passed way.

Why every time my affectionate bring me pain? I have to be stronger because I have pain vaccination every time.

Doctor do you know treatment for my affectionate?

Why I very attach to people?But I attach just to people, I like those people.

Or Im so emotional, so sensitive for everything now.And thiose feelings bring me pain? I dont know what is going on.

Doctor,please, help me to understand everything.

Hi, Thanks for waiting. So, you work with your doctor and attend an Al Anon. Good for you. I think you are holding big feelings inside. You may consider seeing a psychotherapist/counselor WEEKLY in your area. (Please review my previous answer on how to find a counselor/psychotherapist) I would like to tell you that it is okay for you to have attachment and positive feelings for your doctor. Actually, your feelings for her is wonderful. You feel connection with your doctor. You trust and appreciate her. Ideally, you should work with only a doctor and a psychotherapist that you trust and have positive feelings for. Regarding your emotional pain when you do not hear from your doctor, do not worry about it. I understand your feelings of sadness and/or anxiety when you do not hear from your doctor next day or longer. My guess is, your doctor is simply busy with her work when she does not respond to your email immediately. You mentioned that you are so emotional and sensitive for everything now. Perhaps, you may need lots of emotional support from your doctor, friends and family now. Nothing is wrong with your affectionate trait or sensitivity unless you are depressed or anxious all the time. . Please let me know if I have overlooked any or you have more questions. Warm regards,

Edited by Dr. Olsen on 1/1/2011 at 6:41 AM EST
Dr. Olsen and 2 other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for answer so much!
Thank you for understanding.Now Im feeling better.I understand my feelings for my doctor are normal?
Doctor, you are so right! Im feeling everything what you say.
Im agree with you.
I understand everything.My doctor is busy every day,she has her family,other patients,she has her job,problems, like we all.

.But if we started our relationship during first month without emailing often everything was fine now.I didnot worry so much why she stoped to answer me.It wasnot so painful for me.If I left alone I started follow her everywhere.I go to her site.I go to facebook , I added her to my friends,few days ago she confirmed me.I felt much better after it! I go to where she wrote her information about her treatment of cancer ,treatment of sleep problem,about healthy food, about treatment of food poison. When I read this information I have noticef I feel better, I think she write it for me.And I feel Im not alone.
Doctor, I think I need accept her stop to answer me by emailing, I need accept new side of our relationship. When I will do it, I hope my pain will become weak.Today I called to her but she didnot pick up phon, I left message "Happy new year" .She didnot call back me.Im fine with it.Becouse she never doesnot call back me.Just one time, when I shared my worries about my papa with her( voice message ) she called back , she felt sorry for my papa.She supported me.we had talk about 15 minutes,usually she talk with me 5-7minutes.
Doctor I say you Im feeling pain, but I still want to be one of her patients.You know,how important for patient how he or she feing with his or her doctor.When I cry from pain I try to think bad about her, but just I stop to cry Im again feel nice feelings for my doctor.

Doctor, I neednot treatment for my affectionate? I think I have go through this situation.It will take some time.And I hope everything will be fine.

After holiday I want to make appointment, because I still need my doctors help and support. And my friends as they can they support me.For me now its so important to feel Im not alone.
My friend from CA also recommended me to tell about my family situation to my doctor and Im happy I tald everything to my doctor, she founded girl from Al.Anon, but from other area.Its fine.I talk with friend by phon,by emailing.Its help me also toget out from my depression.

But Im feeling I need professional doctors help.Im feeling how my mood down more.Now my state celebrate New year, Im happy, smiliing,but this feelings outside feelings.Inside I feel spiritual bancrut.My soul hurts.Usually I call to my parents, to all my friends and say "Happy new year!".this year I called just to my parents and some friends.Depression is depression.
Doctor, thank you for links.After holiday I will try to found psyhologist.I thought I will go through my hard time ,so painful and so stressful situation in my life self, but I cannot.
Doctor how long I have go to psyhologist? Everything depended on my emotional health?

Doctor what you can to recommend to me I have to say about my feelings to my doctor or not?
I think she knows everything herself, because every my letter with questuons full by compliments, I show to my doctor how much she means for me.But she nothing say me about it. She keeps distance.My doctor nothing say about my often questions.But Im feeling self she is tired from me, she do everything I left her alone.I see and I feel it also.
Doctor what more can you recommend to me?