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Hi, I have been trying to get hold of a psychiatrist, or someone

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Hi, I have been trying to get hold of a psychiatrist, or someone that can help me and I have been told that it is a ver busy time so very difficult to get hold of someone, and that I will have to try and manage things as best I can. they said that I could always take my daughter to A&E if things get worse, but I would like to try and avoid this if possible. my daughter is already showing signs of restlessness and agitation, negative self thoughts/hatred towards self, which is a sign that she is relapsing, and I would like it caught quick, i feel she needs cross tapering onto another mood stabalizer, but obviously I have no power or ability to do this, so have to just watch her deteriorate, and this is not acceptable to me. I dont know what else to do, my GP says he needs a psychiatrist to change the medication, and that she should just keep taking the volproate (which she wont as its making her hair fall out and she states that this is not acceptable to her. I have talked with my daughter at length and finally convinced her to cross taper onto another mood stabalizer, only to be told that it will be after chritmas now till she sees someone unless she gets very bad. Im trying to protect my daughter, by acting quickly, but it looks like all my efforts are being undermined, and she will probably , at this rate , relapse, when it is totally avoidable if action is taken now. my daughter has just had a major manic episode in september, and she has just begun to stabalize over the last 3 weeks. its been a long hard road as i took care of her myself, locks on doors, dealing with rage, hallucinations, mixed moods/states, etc etc, and i dont want either of us to go through that just yet. I hope the next time I contact you, I will have made contact. my idea is to give her 500mg volproate for 5 nights and then 250mg for 5 nights and then none - its all ive been able to talk her into - while staying back on 7.5mg nightly of olanzapine - will she be ok if i do this, as a larger time scale is totally unacceptable to her due to hair loss? thankyou so much for being a 'voice' at the other end of somehting, Maria.

One thing which can counteract hair loss from depakote is taking zinc and selenium supplements. Buy a decent brand from a respectable store (it doesn't have to be an expensive brand name, but don't buy these from a dollar store). Just take as directed on the bottle. If this works & you can convince her to stay on depakote until she sees a psychiatrist that would be best.


If she absolutely refuses to stay on it, your plan to taper it (500mg X5days and then 250mg for 5 days) is a good one. Also, although there are a few major concerns with long term use of olanzapine, if you have enough of a supply, she could also temporarily increase the dose to 1.5 to 2 tablets/day (total dose of 11.25-15mg) to help treat her symptoms and prevent her from being hospitalized.

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