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Luann, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Psychologist, 24 years experience working with children, adolescents, families and adults.
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I asked my husband these questions while he was "busy being

Customer Question

I asked my husband these questions while he was "busy being busy". Is it possible for the results to be different if he were to "think too much" about his responses in relation to adhd rather than go with his 1st answer. How much does denial/acceptance play in the successful diagnosis and/or in treating newly diagnosed but long recognized ADHD in an adult.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Luann replied 6 years ago.
Luann :


Luann :

Diagnosing ADHD in adults is a complicated process. It sounds like you have long recognized symptoms of ADHD in husband and recently had him answer questions to an ADHD screening. Is that right? A screening tool such as this would only indicate if a more thorough assessment should be done or not. Adult ADHD is diagnosed with a combination of psychological testing and in-depth examination of childhood history. If that has not been done, I highly recommend that. If it has been done and he has been diagnosed with ADHD then it is important that he accept the diagnosis in order for treatment to be successful. Treatment for adults is usually a combination of therapy and medication. Therapy is essential to learn skills to manage his condition. Medication is not always necessary and the need is best evaluated in therapy. I hope that is helpful, let me know if you have other questions.


A few suggestions as to how to address the possibility of adhd to an educated professional adult male, with some children who are now old enough to know what adhd is and ask me," Is it possible that dad is adh? The male ego is a very fragile thing. Any suggestions would help as l see the possibility of light at the end of a tunnel for all of us.

Luann :

Maybe you could present it as a question/challenge? "Not sure if you have attentional problems or not, but how about clearing it up once and for all by getting a comprehensive evaluation?" And/or make a bet with him, if he gets assessed and isn't ADHD, he wins ____ and if he is ADHD you win ____. Make it a fun wager. Or just try the straight forward "the kids and I are worried about you" approach. Back concerns up with data but don't be attacking, do it in the spirit of love and concern. Actually, you could combine the worried approach with a follow up question/challeng and wager! The trick is to approach it from an unexpected angle, not confrontational. Hopefully you can generate more ideas from the several I have presented.