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Bill, LCSW, Consultant, Expert Witness
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  35 years treating individuals, couples, families with mental health and substance abuse prob's
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I am a physician with a physician wife who I believe to have

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I am a physician with a physician wife who I believe to have either Major Depression or some form of Bipolar d/o with predominant depressive symptoms. She has a FH of mental illness and has a personal h/o suicidal gesture 20y ago. She underwent counseling from a psychologist 2x/week x1 yr during which they recommended concomitant pharmacologic therapy which she refused. A couple of yrs ago she started herself on Celexa and has upped the dose. She also tried Wellbutrin last year to see if her energy levels could be improved--it did not help noticeably.

She has significant Axis II problems (cholestatic liver disease which is stable but can get severe in the future, hypothyroid for which she is taking meds for--last TSH fT4 unknown to me) and we have significant life stressors as well (young child, demanding work schedule for me, un-gratifying practice for her) and have attempted Marriage Counseling. The counseling was done at the local university counseling center and our counselor was an in-training person in an training 'residency' of sorts--it was helpful to me but my wife did not think it helped much.

My wife is verbalizing suicidal ideation again. I am very concerned and am begging her to please see a Psychiatrist ASAP. However, while I am her biggest (and only) confidant, I am also the source/target of much of her frustrations so I'm not sure how much to push. Another factor in her reluctance is probably her position as a physician in a locally established medical practice. We have double-coverage for insurance and one is a PPO and I am willing to pay top-dollar cash if she can find the right person. Can someone out there help me find a Psychiatrist who specializes or is adept at treating other physicians? We can be such crappy patients. Please help. Again, I would like to stress that the nature of my question is to find a resource to locate a Psychiatrist in my area who treats a lot of physicians--I am not looking for help diagnosing or a managing anything--just a better way to find the right MD/DO without calling each listing in the local medical society listings--especially since I would like to be able to give my wife a shorter list of potential candidates without "meddling" too much. I appreciate any help you can give.

Bill :

Hello- I have read what you have written and am sorry to hear about your wife. I am happy help you locate a "Doctors Doctor" however, I need to know there you are located? City and State is helpful of Zip Code.

Bill :

Thanks, BIll

Hello- As you were off line, I left my reply above. Please reply with your location and I will be happy to assist with the appropriate referral.
Best, Bill
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Our zip code is 92374.

Hello- Thanks for sending me the location information. Because it so difficult to match a person with a practitioner, if I were you, I would contact someone at the Loma Linda Dept of Psychiatry and ask one of their doc's (you can do this anonymously) what might be the best match for your wife. Because there are so many psychiatrists in the area, it is hard for me to sort to find the best.
The link to contact the Docs at Loma Linda is:

I hope this helps and wish you and your wife the best.
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