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For years i have been wandering what my problem is and more

Customer Question

For years i have been wandering what my problem is and more what i can do about it. As a brief description: I am 24y female, married, baby 1y and quite happy with the circumstances. One thing keeps chasing me over and over again, the urge to be with some one else. Not only to share my personal life with another partner, sometimes i just want to do a totally different job. I really wish i could be happy with the life i have because it is good, but the urges to do things differently keep coming up and i fear for my relationship. This is the first relationship in which i have neglect the urges so far, and no matter how much i love my husband, i keep falling in love with other people. What could i do?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 6 years ago.


Your desire may be driven by different factors. Some speculations 1/ when you're depressed you mistakenly believe that a total change of circumstances would lift you out of the depressed andhedonic state, 2/existential crisis/boredom, 3/ you're still young and may be wondering what else is out there that you're missing out on, 4/you feel empty but the reason does not lie with those around you or your circumstances but within you solely..etc.

Regardless of the causes, you can manage this feeling. You've been to psychologist (not sure what the goals of your therapy were) No one would understand you 100%. Your experiences are subjective to you alone. The gist is for you to utilize objective feedback, engage in self introspection and change some of your thinking process, which is largely responsible for how you feel.

Why not try hypnotherapy and NLP (neurolinguistic programming)? They offer faster opportunity for change by targeting the subconscious mind. You have to also be ok with the fact that it is acceptable to want more out of life and for yourself.