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Sometimes I think I hear someone calling my name. Its never

Customer Question

Sometimes I think I hear someone calling my name. It's never constant, and only happens very, very occasionally. Although my name is XXXXX XXXXX since it really only happens in public places, maybe I am just hearing someone say a word and it sounds like Ben and I hear it as Ben. I don't know. I was once diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder with mixed conditions and Cluster B personality traits, but was later diagnosed with Major Depression and Anxiety with possible PTSD from being deployed to Iraq. But I've read that if you experience auditory hallucinations you could be schizophrenic. Also, although it's only happened twice in about two years, I've had experiences that are called "sleep paralysis" in which I wake up, locked into my bed (i'm basically dream while I'm awake? I think that's how someone explained it to me) and I am basically laying there frozen in bed and this dark figure with tentacles are spiraling out from it, although it generally only lasts a few moments and I either awaken or fall back asleep. My Mom has also told me that she has seen me sitting in the corner of my room with my eyes closed as if I were asleep. Also, she stated that I was trying to crawl out of my bed, my hands clenched in fists, pawing at the ground. I do not remember these instances.

Is it possible that i'm schizophrenic? I'm currently taking effexor, klonopin, and methylphenidate, but never since i started these meds have I experienced a night terror or sleep walking, but I have heard my name being whispered or a short, quiet yell (as if it's from a distance).
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Donna-moderator replied 6 years ago.

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