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Karyn Jones
Karyn Jones, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Diploma of Counselling and Transactional Analysis Counselling, Lifeline counselling, Pastoral Care.
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Is there a term for a person who is depressed and wants to

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Is there a term for a person who is depressed and wants to diaspear, or even has made elaborate plans. to disappear and become a hermit? How would that differ from suicidal ideation?
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for bringing your concerns to Just Answer..but, before I continue on in my reply to you..please know just how much I feel for you at this time in your grief/sadness...not an easy place to be in at any time..and I am also very sorry to hear of your trying to cope depression/ PTSD symptoms...l.
In answer to your query that of the difference between your sometimes having the desire to take off and become a hermit to differing to that of suicide intent.
The Hermit's personality is strongly introverted, and this may shut him off from the intimacy he yearns for. He's eager to understand the workings of life, but fears understanding the people in his life. He wishes he could be like the couple silhouetted in doorway of a house, but is immobilized by fear when he seeks to initiate a relationship. So he retreats from the challenge of reaching out, and withdraws, isolating himself in his private world instead. Solitude need not equate with loneliness, but it may, and often does. Perhaps the Hermit secretly wishes someone would follow him out into the silence, and embrace him there. He doesn't know how to ask for companionship, so he feels helpless in his isolation. Even in the context of a relationship, the introverted personality of the Hermit can present difficulties...and when stressed, he withdraws, and
communication may break down as a result. He is uncomfortable with the immediacy and unpredictability of direct emotion, but can appreciate another's feelings if they are rendered in more objective, abstract tones...and the hermit fears to understand/make sense of his world/people around him.
Different again is that of a suicide situation..the thinking might well be the same as that in the hermit but the only difference being is to do with the 'depth' and level of despair/depression that to the point of ( no return) ...that is to say sadly, thinking that the hurt and pain of life is now far far greater so much so there is no longer a desire to live life..even life as that of a hermit...but to live life full stop. for they cannot see past the darkness and the emptiness they feel....

I hope this has helped to clarify the two for you..yet I wonder if your therapy is going well for you in the same instance..for PTSD... is it really helping you to work through your issues..? Please don't feel obligated to answer this is you don't wish to ..I would understand ..otherwise please 'accept' my response if it has been of it helps greatly to keep this valuable service going for your and others in the future..please know that my thoughts 'are' with you...
Karen S(ClinicalDipCounBmin)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am seeing a psychiatrist and a social worker who is my therapist. They work together, and i think i am getting good treatment. I have completed an 18 step cognitive therapy course, which has helped in understanding the mechanics of the disorder. However, things sometimes have to get worse before they can get better. Thank you for your concern and your answer. Finding people who actually care seems to be at a low lately. Is there a mental health term for the hermit? I fit your whole definition to a tee, and am curently working on my Stressor letter to the VA for compensation, and am looking for the right terminology. thank you again for your time and your answer
Hello, thank you for your reply ..I am very pleased to hear that therapy is going well for you and it sounds like you are in the 'right' hands to help you cope/understand the stressors in relation to PTSD....There is a mental health term for Hermit tendencies ..that of Social Anxiety Dis-order...under 'Avoidant personality' and please know that someone does genuinely care...and its been a privilege to have been here for you...
Blessings and best wishes in your road to recovery.
Karyn Jones and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you again, and have a great Night, or day where yu are at :)
Many thanks for that...I am based in New Zealand..its been a pleasure to know you..its around 5pm here lovely sunny day....take good care now..

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Karyn Jones and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hello again I want to thank you first for getting me some answers, but that always leads me to ask more. I think it is a personality disorder.

1. Is there a term for, loss of memory, in the aspect that a person cannot apply higher learned skills? Eg. A psychologist who loves the working of Freud, and know his work very well, but cannot apply it to a person that makes a Freudian Slip? Or in my case, knows electronics, understands the theory, but no longer can apply the theory to the circuit that I am working on.

2. In the case of Avoidant Personality and suicidal ideation?l, is one more considered more unhealthy, or maybe the question is in PTSD, I never see Avoidant personality, all they ever talk about is suicidal ideation?. Isn’t Avoidant personality, just as harmful to the psyche as suicidal ideation?

3. How is your day?

4. when utilizing the GAF again I cannot find anything on it.

I am working on a disability claim, and am trying to be as thorough as possible.

If you got this twice I am sorry
Hello, very sorry concerning my late response to you ..but have been somewhat tied up I'm afraid. ..
In answer to your first question:
There is a term for loss of memory ( with regards XXXXX XXXXX explanation) ...this is called 'Procedural Memory'..and is best understood to be that of a decline in ones episodic memory...that of remembering how to do something...
your second question:
In the case of Avoident personality and Suicidal intention....both are considered to be that of a psychosomatic nature ..(caused or affected by the patients mental or emotional condition, rather than physical factors...Avoident personality looked upon as more of a great need to 'escape' from ones present circumstances..thoughts/people etc and is/can be harmful to the the overall psychological/emotional well being of the client ( person involved) ..that is true,..but someone who wants to experience a total and complete end to his or her way of killing themselves is a whole lot different ..he or she intend in their minds not to run away so much as would an avoident personality, but would at any time they saw fit ..take their own lives...whereas an avoident personality on the other hand prefers to stay out of life..peoples way..not necessarily take their own a result of that.
I hope this helps to explain things further for you...but now will have to leave it things begin to get a little out of control with many more posts to answer...
go well and I truly wish you much success on your road to recovery..

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you Karen. as far as the lateness, not a problem your a professional i respect that I am not the focal point, and you have others that need your advise and help too. I hope Question 3 is in your favor. Again your help has been wonderful.

Its been a pleasure to have been available to you..and thank you for your kind words..

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