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Kristin, Mental Health Professional
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My daughter has psychosis. are the voices she hears bad

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my daughter has psychosis . are the voices she hears bad spirits ?

Hello and thank you for your question.

If your daughter has been diagnosed with psychosis, then the voices she hears are not bad spirits, but rather auditory hallucinations, which are a symptom of the psychosis.

No doubt these voices are troubling to her and she does need to be under the care of a psychiatrist so it's good that she currently has one. Reassure your daughter that the voices are not something outside of herself that are bad or could harm her. That they are just a symptom of what the doctor said she is managing, an illness. I understand that you are reluctant to start the anti psychotic meds but if they would alleviate the voices, that could be a great relief to her. Keep the discussion open with her psychiatrist about all the possible options, including the medication. I wish you all the best. Please click ACCEPT if satisfied. Or ask for more info. Thank you!

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