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Pamela, LCSW
Pamela, LCSW, Psychotherapist/MSW
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  25 years of experience in private practice and inpatient psychiatry;licensed in two states
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I suffer from Depression and take Lexapro 20 mg daily. If I

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I suffer from Depression and take Lexapro 20 mg daily. If I am not on this medication I have fits of almost rage over small things and then cry because I feel bad for how I reacted. Recently I have been made aware of the fact that I change jobs every year or two. I remain in the same field just take on challenging jobs.
Hello and thank you for contacting Just Answer:

It sounds like your depression is of the irritable and agitated variety. I am glad that you are getting relief from lexapro and if you are having no negative side effects than you should stay on it.
I wonder if your job changes happened when you were on your lexapro or when you have stopped. If it was when you have stopped, then that would make sense in terms of not having a lot of patience and tolerance for the everyday stressors that go along with a job. If these changes have happened when you are medicated, then perhaps you are someone who needs a lot of stimulation to stay interested in a particular workplace.
I wonder why people have brought this to your attention. Has it caused problems for you or is it fine with you?
I hope I have commented on your information, if you need further info or I did not answer your particular question, please respond.
Otherwise, best of luck to you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have always changed jobs. I was in the navy from 1994-1997 and joined just to get out of my small town. After that I changed professions to the medical field. I change jobs and go to other jobs that are challenging. Once I clean up the "mess" at that particular job I get bored and look for something else. I am wondering if I also have Adult ADD/ADHD.

That is very possible. It is very common for depression and ADD to co-occur. You may want to ask the person who is prescribing for a questionnaire on ADD so that you can determine if you fit the criteria. You could also find one online.
If you decide together, that you also have ADD, many adults find relief from stimulants like adderrall, ritalin and strattera. These are perfectly safe to take with lexapro. You could also do some behavioral therapy work to help you stay focused.
I hope this helps and wish you luck.
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