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Mina, Clinical Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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I wonder if you can help me or not, I have a 10 year old

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I wonder if you can help me or not, I have a 10 year old son, who will be 11 in the next week, he has serious anger problems. This has been an ongoing problem for many years now, I went to my GP who referred us to CAHMS which we attended as a family but because he said the right things we were discharged very quickly. He seems to be constantly angry, he swears all the time (more for a reaction) and I have today spoken to his headteacher about an issue that happened at school the other day and to be honest I have had no support from the school at all and now she has said that if he continues to behave in this manner he will be excluded. As you can imagine I am at my wits end and really not sure what to do for the best. The worst part is he is the most sensitive character you could meet, he worries about everyone and everything but unfortunately this horrible side to him is the one that everyone remembers, can you please advise me as to where I should go and who I should see as I really don't want him to carry on as his. Many thanks for listening.
Hi and thank you for contacting us.

I am sorry to hear about this difficult situation you are facing. I have worked in CAMHS myself and I can surely understand what you mean about your early discharge. This may happen if clinicians are not convinced that there is a serious problem that they can help with or if the patient drops out or refuses to engage. I was wondering though whether you had the chance to see a therapist on your own. Usually therapists involve the family and see parents on their own with or without request. If your son did not want to engage they could definitely provide you with a number of sessions to give you some advice as to how you could manage his behavior better. Part of a proper assessment in CAMHS would definitely involve the school especially if the behavior is demonstrated there. So I would imagine that if they had contacted school they would have known about the seriousness of the case and offered alternative ways to help you.

I would therefore encourage you to ask to be re referred and this time request to be seen on your own (or with your partner) to discuss these issues.

You are very right to be concerned as a possible exclusion from school will indicate a significant level of possible conduct disorder and this needs to be addressed. I have to say that I am very displeased to hear that your son has been discharged even though no progress or plan has been made. I would definitely encourage you to contact the manager of the CAMHS team and ask for your case to be reviewed. This can be initiated by your GP or yourself.

In cases like your son's, where there are significant problems at school, other agencies should also be involved from Education and altogether with CAMHS should hold meetings and reviews.

Please feel free to share any other information that you feel may be helpful for me to know or if you have any thoughts on what I have written so far.


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