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I am unable to find a "GOOD" psychiatrist and my current

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I am unable to find a "GOOD" psychiatrist and my current doctors don't know one either. Facts:
Hometown Bedford,PA(central,
Diagnosis:Major Depressive Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder,Dysthimic Disorder, Sever Irritable Bowel Syndrome - on disability-unable to continue teaching school.
Age 58 yrs. old
Medications:15+ unable to tolerate/ side effects
Psycologist-see every other week since 2003 for CBT
Licensed Clinical Social Worker -see every other week for EMDR (eye movement desensitization Reprocessing) sinceMarch 2010
Excellent Psychiatrist at Altoona Hospital, Pa 2003 to Dec. 2010.He stopped treating out patients. saw every 6 weeks.
GI Specialist at Prespyterian UPMC Pitts. PA see as needed.
Saw Register Practical Nurse 2 times & a psyciatrist 3 times under Primary Health Network Jan to Aug 2010. Both below average care.
I would like to find the best possible psychiatrist to address my needs.
Difficult with IBS but will drive up to 2 hours from B

You're smack dab in the middle of philly and pittsburgh, and I know quite a few in philly(its' where I trained so I know lots of excellent docs might be worth the drive...and maybe one of them might know someone closer to you) there even though its further than you wanted to go.

Philly: Franklin Maleson, MD; Donna Sudak, MD; Howard Sudak, MD; Don Kushon, MD; Salman Akhtar, MD; or the Beck Institute will have good referrals. These numbers should be easy to find in the phonebook or online.

I just texted a good friend/family doc in Pittsburgh...if has any referrals closer to you, I will write back. Good luck & take care.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Is it possible that the doctors recommended would reply to my phone call to them asking for GOOD doctors closer than their location? Or would an office visit be needed? Would mentioning you be advised? I have not been able to leave my home any further than 2 hours due to IBS for years. I stop eating 4 days before leaving the house hoping I wont be sick on that day just to get to my Altoona doctors.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Was my 1st reply considered another question?

I am a relatively new expert here, but I believe this entire interaction counts as one question.

I think some of the docs I mentioned would be happy to give you such advice on the phone; Salman Aktar & Howard Sudak probably don't remember be, but the others will. Feel free to say Dr. Khurana referred you to them.

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