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Schizotypal disorder

Customer Question

Schizotypal disorder I have schizotypal disorder (the ICD-10 version). I've noticed that the ICD-10 diagnosis code for schizotypal disorder alternates between being F21.0 and F21.9 (even in my own medical records). I’m just wondering what 9 refers to? Usually, the last digit(s) of the diagnosis code in ICD-10 is a specification of the disorder. However, schizotypal disorder is schizotypal disorder, isn’t it?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. S replied 6 years ago.
Hi I am a psychiatrist and I can help. So to answer your question, usually adding '.9' to the code is 'unspecified' when there are different subtypes. In schizotypal there are two subtypes; insipid schizotypal which has more schizoid, depressive, dependent features.
And the timorous schizotypal - which has more avoidant, negativistic (passive-aggressive) features. Therefore the code F21.9, in my opinion , means schizotypal unspecified. Perhaps your symptoms overlap. I would discuss this with your treating psychiatrist. I hope this helps. Please click the ACCEPT button as this is the only way I will get credited for my answer. Feedback is also welcomed and appreciated. Thank you and good luck!
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for the answer. Much appreciated. I have an additional question.

What are the codes for the insipid and the timorous schizotypal then?


Thanks in advance.

Expert:  Dr. S replied 6 years ago.
i am sorry but i do not know nor can i find the specific icd 10 codes for the subtypes.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok, anyways thanks for the effort.
Expert:  Dr. S replied 6 years ago.
Your welcome