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My son is 5 years old, at 3 years he was diagnosed add/adhd

Resolved Question:

my son is 5 years old, at 3 years he was diagnosed add/adhd combined hyperactive and impulsive.the same L.M.F.T that diagnosed him also highly recomended that i have him screened for fetal alchohol spectrum disorder(meth affected)because of a series of facial features that she noticed and a history of meth abuse during pregnency by his mother.needless to say he is a very hard child to raise, he has benn in alot of trouble since kindergarten started this year and has even injured other children. but i dont belive he does it purposely.i just think he moves so fast that he dosent realize he hurts people until after he does it. I dont know what to do. preschool only lasted 2 weeks because he injured another kid.there starting an IEP for him is that gonna be enough? i want to get him help but i dont know where to start ? cn someone point me in the right direction ? thank you.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Olsen replied 6 years ago.
Hello. Welcome to JustAnswer. I am sorry to hear your son's situation.
For his ADD and NLD conditions, you may need to work with your son’s teacher based on his IEP, his counselor, educational therapist (if available in school or your area) and psychiatrist (M.D.) for medication.
Let me outline several points 1. his family may need education on ADHD, being linked to community resource, and support group for family; 2. He may need medication/CNS stimulants - Methylphenidate (Ritalin); 3. He may need Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral interventions including Classroom management (teacher-administered behavioral treatments) by classroom teacher, AND Positive reinforcement by teacher and parents; 5. develop and implement a reward system for his good behavior in school and home. You communicate with his teacher through the daily report card. 6.
You may continue to help him develop attention, organization,
and task completion skills. On #6, it is going to be an ongoing effort and development of system and routines. There are things you can help him
for example, you develop a routine schedule for him and stick to it.
You may also clear away distractions.
On #5, you may use a reward system (a small treat) to reinforce him good performance. Importantly, he has to understand the reward system and be motivated to do so.
I know it may be time consuming, but you may have to repeat instruction and direction for him twice or three times... Just be patient and supportive.
Also, You may teach him how to control his impulse for instant gratification in middle of his routine. One of strategies is telling him "STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, AND THINK" to delay his instant desire.
Also, PRAISE whenever he sticks to routines and completes whatever he has to do at the moment. PRAISE (positive reinforcement) is as important as correcting her behavior. Importantly, he has to feel positive about self and his achievement.
You may also check resources at National Resource Center on AD/HD.
(Website address: )
You may call 1-***-***-**** in the National Resource Center on AD/HD for any question on AD/HD.
With right treatment, assistance and support, he will improve his performance and social behavior over time.
Please let me know if I have overlooked any or you have more question. Dr. Olsen
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