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While vacationing in St. Maarten 2.5 years ago, I meant and

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While vacationing in St. Maarten 2.5 years ago, I meant and fell in love with a lady from California....I live in Maryland! I'm 66 yrs. with grown kids, she is 60 with grown kids, each of us have a boom-a-ranger kid living temporairly in our respective homes. I'm semi-retired and spend appx. 22-24 weeks with her in California, she gets 5 weeks vacation annually and we are together that time as well.
She is pushing for marriage ASAP, I'm holding off until the time comes when we are together on a more permanant basis.
#1 I don't want to move to Cally full time....
#2 she doesn't want to leave Cally for Maryland full time....
#3 she can't afford to quit work at this time
I don't want to lose her if or when the marriage ultimatum comes...I can't move to Caly at this time.
What to do ????
Hello Thank you for bringing your question on JustAnswer.
It sounds like that it is not a good timing you two make this big decision, in other words, two of you can not move to either state since two of you have to work. I understand that she may want to spend more time with you, is serous about the relationship, and wants you to be committed to her. Marriage may be a best option yet either of you can not move to other state. Perhaps, you may need to tell her your and her circumstances honestly and assertively and reassure her that you are committed to the relationship, and that when the time comes, either of you can move to another state. I hope things work out for you and her.
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