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My daughter has been diagnosed with -polar mood disorder.

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My daughter has been diagnosed with bi-polar mood disorder. She has been hospitalized twice, but is taking medication and is relatively stable now. My concern is for my grandchildren (7 & 10 years old). Their father is in the picture but he is on the police force & in the Army Reserves, and therefore has that type of mentality. How do I support & care for them without stepping out of line? I live close by.
I am not sure about the mentality you refer to? What exactly does he do or say?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

When my daughter complains to him about my grandson's behavior, he yells alot and frightens him.

Well that is no way to respond to the child. I am not sure how much influence you can have over the situation. it would be up to your daughter to tell him to put an end to the screaming. I guess if you hear it or see it then you can interject and let him know that that is not good behavior to display in front of the children. When you have the children make sure you model appropriate behavior and let them know that aggressive behavior in any form is not acceptable or respectful. In addition, you can talk to your daughter and let her know your concerns and see how she responds. Other than that it is out of your hands.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I guess I'm also asking how I can protect, cushion, them from their mother's moods too. If I can at all.

You can talk to their mother and let her know what you are observing and that you are concerned for her and the children. You can also try to watch the children more often. And definitely let the children know that you are there for them no matter what and if they ever want to talk to you then give you a call or come to your house.
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