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My husband has had a separation with his 56 year old

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my husband has had a separation with his 56 year old daughter three years ago. He is a retired engineer and feels sad he cannot fix the situation. He is 77 and can his sadness and depression affect him this long? She was angry with her daughter, refused to attend her wedding and insisted that we boycott the wedding to support her. We did not and now pay the price of her continuing anger.
Hi I am a Clinical Psychologist.
Thank you for bringing your question on JustAnswer.
I am so sorry to hear your situation.
It sounds like your 56 year old daughter has anger problems.
It is hard to believe that your daughter was upset that you two went to your granddaughter's wedding. Is that correct?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it was becasue of an altercation involving our daughter and her husbands father's trust. It is a mess, but the granddaughter merely questions why they sued the trust when it was all laid out and fair. So now the are harboring this grudge against the daughter, and of course us as we did not support them in their quest to punish by asking friends adn family to not attend. Most did not becaseu of fear of her anger. My husband is a very gentle man, loves his daughter so much, but she wants us to ask her for forgiveness and agree to never see the daughter nor the new baby our first great grandchild. I might add our granddaughter is an educated career journalist currently working at Nato with her husband who is a major.
This is a tough situation. Let me think of a best answer for 1 hour. Thank you for patience.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you
This is a very sad situation for your husband. I understand his pain. Clearly her daughter is acting unreasonable to your husband and you. She is probably unreasonable to almost everyone in her family. Your husband may not be happy in either way - asking his daughter for forgiveness at the expense of not being able to see his granddaughter, her husband and her baby OR not seeing his daughter. This may be family problems that may be rooted in old family dynamics, though it still appears to be your husband's daughter spreading the problem. At this point, it is up to your husband as to whether he forgives her or asks her for forgiveness to repair the relationship, even he may not tell her that he still would see his granddaughter and her baby behind his daughter's back. I pray for your husband. I hope that he finds a way to reconnect with her daughter.
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