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Anna, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1945
Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years in addictions and mental health.
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Is there anything at all that makes you think there is

Customer Question

For Anna,
So is there anything at all that makes you think there is nothing wrong enough about this girl? No doubts we should split because I might have feelings for her. I just feel like I'm killing my feelings. Damned love music, changes everything! It worries me because I'm a trained practioner in that field, I have been all my life, sooo NPD family. I'm not a psycho yet though. I'm just resiliant I suppose. Maybe a little too tolerant. She slipped me a phone number once. It was her dealer! Memories like that keep me from going back. Is that being too serious? Nah, you're right, it's Disneyland. Anyway, is there anything at all that makes you think, this isn't so bad, he's wasting time, he should be with her, they could be happy, he's just cut up from emotional abuse like his gf says he is. Cheers!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.
Hey James,

No. Nothing. Nothing makes me think this is just you and your skewed vision of a nice, normal passionate gal. Really. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Did I say Zilch? I meant that too. :)

Stop romancing the idea! You need to detox and don't listen to anything in your head during the process. My goodness, you're like a love junkie! You really nailed it when you realized this is into the addictive range. Detox, not spending more time wondering if This. Is. It.

You are resilient and you will get past all this.....but get going!

Anna and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yeah, her words still roll around my head, and they are poison. Anyone I find who knows about BPD, says run like hell, they are the ministry of death. I'm hanging around a 50 year old gay guy these days. Most of the time its agony of irritation, but the ONLY way I can get by ( long story by the way ) is be gentle on myself. I thought you'd be gald to hear that. My strength is making me weak and I'm becoming strong in weakness. I know, it sounds like absolute surrender, just like a real addict would say. Cheers ***** ***** again.

Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.
You're addiction recovery we say, "Surrender to win."

Hang around whomever is safe for you right now, and I am glad to hear you say you're being gentle on'll serve you well.

Hang tough!