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Selah R, M.S. LPC
Selah R, M.S. LPC, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Professional Counselor; over 13+ yrs exp working with adults, teens, & families/couples.
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I have been diagnosed with OCD and BIPOLAR DISORDER. (Mood

Resolved Question:

I have been diagnosed with OCD and BIPOLAR DISORDER. (Mood swings and awful intrusive thoughts).I have been taking 60 mgs of Paxil, 400 mgs of DEPAKOTE, 200 mgs of SERAQUEL, and 1 mg of CLONOPIN. Also I take a FLOMAX pill at night but that is a separate issue.
I have been using these meds since 1995 on and off, meaning adjusting the dosage on occasion.
I was a math teacher for 26 years in 2 high schools (3 years) and a university (23 years).I am now retired and receive a good pension. It was all I could do to hang on to my retirement date but I did.
Last summer I fell down very hard and had a concussion. The following day I couldn't make sense with anything so I went to a trauma 1 emergency hospital. two different doctors took CAT SCANS. One said that I have many LESIONS in my lungs and liver. The other one said I have many POLYPS in my lung and liver. I went to my PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR who thought I might have been born with them. We follow up on them from time to time but he doesn't think they are cancer and neither do I.
A PHD. in biophysics who did a longitudinal study for 15 years thinks I have ENDOCRINE problems and not OCD and BIPOLAR as both can produce similar sypmtoms. What do you think and why? Gene
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Selah R, M.S. LPC replied 7 years ago.
endocrine problems can cause some of the same symptoms that we'd give a mental illness or mental disorder diagnosis to, which is why routine blood work is a standard procedure for people on psychiatric medications. The most common mood altering issues we see are related to thyroid and gender/sex hormones. Some types of cancerous tumors can also produce serotonin, causing both physical and emotional symptoms.

It's hard to look back at know what was the cause of your symptoms if there is no endocrine related blood tests to also compare. The biggest way to try to determine what was causing the symptoms is to look at how you responded to the psychiatric medication. We would not expect psychiatric medication to make much of an improvement if the real cause of the symptoms was medical/hormonal. It's possible that you had an endocrine issue and a mental health issue at the same time. A sign of that could be that the psychiatric medication was helpful, but didn't benefit you as much as your doctors expected it should have (i.e., it was only helping address part of the problem).

I know it must have been scary to hear about growths showing up on your scans, but I'm glad to know that they don't appear to be growing or causing symptoms, so seem benign. If you're still having psychiatric symptoms that you think might be caused or worsened by other medical issues, please seek assessment from a specialist. Many of the tests your psychiatrist or general physician may order only look at the surface (such as the typical thyroid test), whereas a specialist can more closely monitor your symptoms and request more in-depth testing when needed in order to get a fuller picture of what's going on.

Best wishes,
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