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Annie Murdach
Annie Murdach, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Master's degree in Educational Psychology and Counselor Education. LCPC in Illlinois
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I have a daughter who is 35 years old, with the mentality of

Resolved Question:

I have a daughter who is 35 years old, with the mentality of a 13-14 year old. She, quit working 3 years ago. Now she sits in the dark, closes all of the blinds, lock all of the windows and doors, even locks the back screen door. She talks (outloud) to her self behind her locked door and screams and shouts at herself (no one is in the room with her). Has the illusion of being connected to the military (her father was in the Army). She claims tha she fired weapons, machine guns from a tank, threw handgrenades, and flown in a helicopter. She claims she is a black belt in karate, judo, and all martial arts. She claims she has freinds in the NFK, Major league baseball, and Pro-basketball, but always says she forgot their names and what team or position they play. She has had violent outbursts and have attacked her sister and grandmother, verbally and physically.
I, her father, want to put her in an group assisted living home but, don't know what procedures I must follow to achieve this. I am 75 years old and fear that when I am older my daughter might abuse me and my wife.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Annie Murdach replied 7 years ago.
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With most supervised group homes, patients have to be willing to go on their own accord unless their is a legal guardianship in place. You can talk to your attorney or with your court clerks on how to file for this. Most likely they will require an evaluation by a psychiatrist. You can request an evaluation on your own with any psychiatrist willing to see her. It may be that she is good at masking symptoms with her primary doctor. Your other option would be to call emergency services (911, police) when she has one of these violent outbursts. They can transport her to an emergency room for evaluation at that time if you request. It will be essential that you and your wife or all parties having information on her behaviors be present to provide evaluators information on her behavior. If you and your wife did not speak with the primary doctor personally, I might recommend that as well. Your observations might be enough to prompt the doctor to refer for more evaluation. Best of luck to you.
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