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Anna, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1945
Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years in addictions and mental health.
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For Anna, I want to check my definitions. I should be sure

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For Anna,
I want to check my definitions. I should be sure enough, but I'm double checking if this is the case. Would you say from your observation, she simply BESETS me? Definition: to attack and harass perstantly, surround, hem in ( like prison ). Is it that, or is there something good I'm going to miss out on. Is she fun and giggles to be adored like a little lamb if I just decide to be be nice to her, or is she clearly besetting me and its obvious to anyone but me because it deception at its finest. So confused. If she besets me I'm so gone. I dont belong with her. It wont change will it? Persistant attacks on email, voice mail, facebook. I wouldnt do it to my worst enemy and she loves me? I think I'm nearly there Anna. A slow learner but a good one. I strive for accuracy, :-) Oh wait, heres a text message, are you home yet huggy bear? great timing. Sort of proof isnt it? Freedom is so close...
Eureka, James! You've found the PERFECT word! Besets! Yes! She besets you! Yes, everybody sees it but you because you're the target of it. Think of seeing a tornado on TV....when you're on the outside, it looks like a funnel cloud moving along causing trouble. On the inside it looks like your fridge is attacking you and cows's a whole different perspective. For you, does it really matter if the fridge or the cow land on top of you? You're in a tornado and need to get out instead of filming the destruction and wondering about the laws of nature that allow this anomaly. You get stunned by all her activities, and distracted from seeking shelter and safety. Just get out of the tornado and examine it like a scientist later.

How about this? You block her # XXXXX you're on your holiday. Go through your withdrawals while you're distracted. Start using the tools at your disposal to eliminate her access to you.

Did you say you are a lawyer? If so, it makes sense with your command of the language. You're very good with words.

Hang in there! Go on vacation! Block her numbers! :)

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