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Anna, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1945
Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years in addictions and mental health.
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For Anna, Thank you for the compliment about my wordsmith

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For Anna, Slimed...yeah, the problem is I want to be with her and have some fun. This is crazy!  Anyway, going in holiday for a week, alone!
Of course you want to be with her and "have fun", which is only part of the whole picture with her. Did you ever think of how unavailable you are for a mutual relationship when you're tethered to her and her LOVENEEDLOVENEED? Think of the light at the end of the tunnel (not the train!) can have fun AND be loved - like you deserve to be loved.

I'm glad you're going on holiday, and I'm glad you're not going with an emotional relapse. Take the time to be gentle with yourself and clear your head. If you get fuzzy, print and read our notes - it'll help you stick with the program.

The situation is crazy at times, James, but you're not crazy. You're the sane one in the tornado of emotional wreckage. How you're so sane is beyond me, but you do have "it". You're the one who can make it through and come out the other end. You have what it takes - just stick to discipline, hang tight with your God, and remember who you really belong to on this earth: it' not the nut jobs, I can assure matter how pretty the package is.

You deserve no less than a loving, mutual relationship.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Funny, thats what she says, amazed i'm still alright! But this morning was 100% agony. Torn between two trains, pulling in the opposite direction, both teams with thier arguments and MY equal amount of accusations on both sides. One team is a missions orgnisation where I served and loved it, saying by what they see and hear after I'm with her, that she is trouble to be avoided at all cost. The other is her, hearing what I have said about the akward politics of that affair that I need her loving arms and family for once. Waiting for a delivery downstairs all morning, I'm losing it, listening to a speech about not floating anymore and living a life that matters. Oh my God, alI I've been doing is floating since I left the mission team. I'm going to the mountain ion holiday for a week, because I am flipping out! I am going to hold on to what you say, that she is yet another nutter that I dont need around me. She wants me away from all the nutters too, but she thinks she is the one that is good for me. What is really making me insane as well, is that after speaking with her I went to a restaurant for dinner with a red book on Politics. And there was a paiting of a guy with a red book holding a girl with broken chains and a dove flying between them, and the name of it was Italian with the main word being Politico. She is Italian, I went in for the Eye Fillets they have which we always have when we are together. She also has a Mona Lisa in her house and this place had a Mona Lisa as well. Signs and wonders! But which side of the universe is this from? Good or evil? I Cant discount that one, Politco! Wait, who did Judas sell out to? Insitutions right? Better go and pray! I'm cooking!

You need more anchors on the sane side, James. I can hear how lost you feel, but I don't take that so much as a bad thing (although painful to be sure). If you felt safe and secure right now, you'd most likely be in the belly of the beast. Distract and buy time. Get out of your head!!!!! Stop trying to figure it out...thats just a way to stay in the mire. You don't have a hatchet over your head with a bomb timer on it. Read funny books, play stupid games. Distract yourself and connect to your inner child. Take a shower. Watch silly cat videos on YouTube. But time with distractions. Get to know yourself...your silly, irreverent child self. You have time.