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Carol Kryder LMFT, Mental Health Professional
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Here is my stepdaughter's rebuttal to me taking her off

Resolved Question:

Here is my stepdaughter's rebuttal to me taking her off having the ability to write not very nice things. Where do I go from here?
t doesn't matter anymore to me. I cannot dwell on it - I give up you win...
I am not 12 and I have a family and their feelings to worry about I am done being hurt by the games that seem to be played all the time. I can't be controlled and I never wanted anything other then to be apart of your family. I am clearly not and never was. I knew it when I was 8 but always hoped that someday you would stop treating me like this. Either way I am a grown up and you cannot go tell my dad so he comes in a slaps my face.
White flag has flown and I am taking it down now. Unfortunately the ones who will suffer for all this is Rylan, Jacob and Adalyn.
You made your choice by deleting a joke on my dad's page, blocking me from yours and removing my name as your child. And of course let's not forget removing Jason as your friend. Real mature. If you have a problem just say it, don't think for one second that I am that stupid. Facebook has finally brought out your true feelings. I will not intrude in your perfect world anymore, have a good life. I hope you all are happy.
It is so simple really - you already pushed me out long ago. I just wanted to be equal. Didn't ask for a laptop, or camera or jeans from the limited - no money just love and you guys can't even give me that. Now that you have decided to try and win over my kids with gifts which exclude Adalyn or promises to call and then blame your own selfish choices to not figure out how to make a 10 minute call. I have control over how my kids are treated and I REFUSE to let them be treated the way I have been by you guys my entire life. So get this, it is over. I am over it and you win. Hope the price was worth it.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Carol Kryder LMFT replied 7 years ago.
Hello and Welcome to JustAnswer. Your question is not closed until you are satisfied with the answer.

It is clear that your step-daughter is very angry at your for real or imagined insults you have made to her. Yes, this is deeper than the issue on Facebook; I suspect she has been resentful of you for a long time.

Your options are limited. You can apologize and try to make amends. You can ask how you can gain back her trust. You can ask her to go to counseling with you to try to reconcile. As I said, this is a long term issue. She is aligned with her father against you, and I am not seeing that he is trying to make things better.

This is a huge problem. This huge problem requires professional intervention. You need to see a mental health professional experienced in blended family issues and work with that person by yourself if she will not go with you. This will cause serious problems in your marriage if it hasn't already. You need to do something.

Let me know if you have further questions.
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