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Anna, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years in addictions and mental health.
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My Gordian Knot for the last four years: Take my money and

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For Anna,
My Gordian Knot for the last four years: Take my money and run because I hate them or or dont touch the money because I hate them. Secondly, still considering gf. IF I could just gave up on believing in a higher power, we would be having a world of fun. Small price to pay in the light of science or total treason to my hope in a life without abuse? Threatened my NPD golden child's life, explained it on email but still cant bring myself to apolgise becuase he takes no repsonsibility for inflicting me with words of serious grief not to mention this whole Gordion Knot. They all disgust me. Am I an classic example of something in a textbook about this or what?
LOL..yeah, you are textbook, but at least you have some insight.

Don't give up on the higher power...that would be silly and hurt you in the end.
Take the money and run. Life is easier with money. Not taking it doesn't hurt anyone or really show your pain in a way that would do anything for you.
There is life after abuse.

You're hurting right now, and you're angry. Both good signs that you're coming to terms with your situation on a deeper level. Try to rein in tongue and pen during times like this. Keep yourself distracted by other things, and you'll have less drama later. This is a hard part of the process, but thats all it is: part of the process. It will just need to survive it as intact as possible.

Hang tough, James.

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